Continue 2017


A conference and network for videogame and cultural sector professionals.


The National Videogame Foundation is proud to announce the second Continue conference. Continue is the place where videogames and the cultural sector come together. 

 Continue explores and charts the role and value of videogames in contemporary arts and culture, driving their evolution and sharing strategies which promote their cultural development, impact and value. 

Building on the success of last year’s conference, this essential event will showcase case studies, new ideas and best practice in videogame commissioning and engagement across the broader cultural sphere. 

 Continue 2017 will not only help to develop an understanding of how different institutions and organisations and individuals might collaborate to make videogames, but also how videogames can be used to foster the public’s engagement with arts and culture. 

 Continue 2017’s cultural mission remains fiercely pragmatic and unapologetically critical. 


Questions it will pose include:

  • Why are creative collaborations valuable? Why not go it alone or just outsource?
  • How can we make videogames that are collaborative? They’re usually perceived as competitive or solitary.
  • How does commissioning a videogame work when multiple stakeholders are involved?
  • How does managing collaborative relationships work from the developer’s perspective?


Continue 2017’s two days of talking, thinking and playing will take place on the 23rd and 24th of May at the National Videogame Arcade, Nottingham. Speakers and contributors include UKIE's Dr Jo Twist, the British Library's Stella Wisdom, and the V & A's Marie Fulston.


Highlights of the conference’s talks, discussions and outcomes will be available via the National Videogame Foundation’s Medium page in summer 2017.


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