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name: Stuart Mugridge

PhD: Practice-led Fine Art

thesis title: -becoming-#langscape-[fold here]intra-rupting landscape, language and the creative act

thesis description: This practice-led research diffracts language and landscape through the exertions of running and ‘performance writing’: typography becomes a means to visually manipulate text; speech and sound recording manipulate the oral, returning the tongue to language (torque the talk); and Language is (under)mined by pun, nonsense, and neologism (sensual manipulation).

supervisors and institution(s): Professor Johhny Golding (Royal College of Art), Henry Rogers (Glasgow School of Art), Dr. Susan J. May (Birmingham School of Art), and Dr. Jacqueline Taylor (Birmingham City University).

conference papers:

  • "running a #Dartingtonlangscape," presented at In Other Tongues on 8th June 2017 at Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon. Convened by Dr. Richard Povall, College, Devon.
  • "…running…out…ofbreath…" presented at Research Matter(s): Conversations in Arts, Design and Media on 8th July, 2016 at Birmingham City University. Convened by PGR Studio, Birmingham City University.
  • "b([r])e(at[h])ing or breathing in | sounding out (a langscape)" presented at Language, Landscape and the Sublime on 30th June, 2016 at Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon. Convened by Dr. Richard Povall, College, Devon.
  • “Access(ion)ing Place: Beyond Phenomenology In The Archived Landscape (Y Glonc)” presented at Environments: Landscapes and the mind on 19th June, 2015 at Goldsmiths, University of London. Convened by University of Essex, University of Kent and Goldsmiths, University of London.
  • “Radical Toponymy: (re)reading the British landscape” presented at Topographies: Places to find something on 14th May, 2015 at University of Bristol. Convened by Emily Derbyshire and Andrew Giles, Literary and Visual Landscapes, School of Modern Languages, Department of English, University of Bristol.


selected art projects:

2015: Le Pas et La Page: Approches de la ville et de la nature dans le livre d’artiste. Musée Gassendi, Digne-les-Bains, France [group exhibition];

2015: Síður í Siglufjörður. Herhúsið, Norðurgata 7b, 580 Siglufjörður, Iceland [group exhibition];

2014: Tamed (with Robert Colbourne), Witton, Birmingham (for Environment Agency) [public art project];

2010-13: Meshwork Worcester (with David Patten and Robert Colbourne), Worcester (with Worcester City Council) [public art project];

2010/11: Ashland (with Denna Jones), Ashland, Milton Keynes (for Milton Keynes City Council) [public art project];

2009-11: Seahouses Townscape Development, Seahouses, Northumberland [public art project];

2009/10: balance/flow (with Robert Colbourne), Birmingham Coach Station (for National Express), Birmingham [public art project];

2006-08: Museum of Lost Heritage (with Alistair Grant), Newhall Street, Birmingham [public art project];

2004: LOCATE, BBC Media Village, White City, London [public art project];

2004: Guardare-Raccontare-Pensare-Conservare. Mantova, Italy [group exhibition].

Artists books are held in public and private collections worldwide including Tate, London; The National Art Library, V&A Museum, London; The British Library, London; Manchester Metropolitan University Library; Chelsea School of Art, London; John M Flaxman Library, Chicago; Buchkunst, Germany; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Winchester School of Art; Centre des Livres D’Artistes, St-Yrieix-la-Perche, France; Dean Clough, Halifax.

selected articles and publications:

  • "Archives & Creative Practice." Birmingham City University Art & Design Archives. Accessed 9 October, 2015.
  • Eyres, Patrick. Arcadia id est: artists’ books, nature and the landscape (Bristol: Impact Press, 2005).
  • Fairman, Elisabeth R. (ed.). Of Green Leaf, Bird, and Flower: Artists' Books and the Natural World (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2014), 195 & 235.
  • Grimley, Terry. "Visions of an opportunity lost." Birmingham Post, 21 June, 2006, 11 & 16.
  • Kennedy, David (ed.). Necessary Steps: poetry, elegy, walking, spirit (Exeter: Shearsman, 2007), 82-88.
  • Mugridge, Stuart. “b([r])e(at[h])ing or breathing in | sounding out (a langscape).” Environment, Space, Place (forthcoming).
  • Mugridge, Stuart. Take Cover, Horizon, Offset, Turning Points and Plan. In Cahiers Intempestifs, 25 (2010): 2-11.

selected M3C Student Development Fund:

Professional development training (delivered by internationally acclaimed poet-sound-artist, Mark Goodwin of Expresseum Poetics) in specialist audio-editing software, equipment and technique to further enable exploration of sound’s dimensional aspects in relation to image. Through the training we explored possibilities for sound’s materiality with (and beyond) spoken words towards spatial and vibratory relations with language and landscape. [February 2016 to January 2017.]

other research interests:

  • artist's books
  • place-led public art

Social Media Presence:

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