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Jakub Jan Ceglarz


PhD : Fine Art, Queer Theory, Philosophy

Thesis Title: 

Materializing the Perversities of the Palimpsest: an interrogation of ‘palimpsetuous making’ as a queer enactment in artistic research.

Thesis Questions:

In conceptualising the idea of ‘palimpsestuous making’, as a form of enactment, to what extend can it be identified in artistic research?


How does the writing/making approaches in art practices can inform the metaphorical understanding of the concepts of The Palimpsest?


How to articulate a complex sensual, sexual, ephemeral relationship in artistic research on drag, film, photography, text and film, and how to create a specific dimensionality which is infused with ‘incestuous’ perversity? 



Supervisors and Institution(s): Henry Rogers - Director of studies (BCU)

                                                      Prof. Johnny Golding - Supervisor (BCU)



Queertexturealities, edited by Henry Rogers, published by ARTicle Press (ISBN: 978-1-873352-74-8)

Zetesis : Research generated by curiosity, The Cruelty Of The Classical Canon Vol. 1 No. 1 (

Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:

2014 (ongoing)- Teaching on MA Queer Strategies in Art and Culture module at Birmingham School of Art (BCU) 

2014 (ongoing)- Practice Tutor at MA Fine Art at Birmingham School of Art (BCU)



2015 - (upcoming) New Art West Midlands, The Herbert Gallery & Museum, Coventry

2014 - Pulpa, group show RK Burk Gallery, London

2014 - Behind The Vail, Centrala, Birmingham

2014 - West Midlands Open, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham

2014 – Mid-lands, group exhibition, STRYX gallery, Birmingham

2014 – pernament, group exhibition, UBU BAR, Birmingham

2013 – Going Postal, group exhibition, Birmingham

2013 – online exhibition,

2013 – They sat down and wrote, collaborative exhibition, C1.02 space, Brussels

2012 – Five Seasons, Tokarska Gallery, group exhibition, London

2011 – Free Range, The Old Truman Brewery, group exhibition, London

2010 – [[ALLWORK]], group exhibition, London

2008 – Portable Art, public display in Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square, group exhibition, London

2005 – O srebrnej podeszwie (On a silver sole), group performance shown in Nowy Targ and Cracow


Other Research Interests:

  • Fine Art, Text, Articulation, Queer Theory, Feminism, LGBT Studies, Erotic, Dirty Theory, Philosophy


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