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Museological Review invites authors to submit abstracts for Issue 24, which will reflect on and respond to how museums and art galleries are adding to current conversations through their exhibitions, programmes and projects and how this challenges the definition of a museum and its relation to the public. Should museums participate and be involved in the debate around social justice, global equality and wellbeing, as the new definition proposes?

In this regard, Museological Review is interested in submissions which consider how museums and art galleries are responding to and communicating themes including but not limited to the following:

- Community-based programmes and projects
- Crisis of democracy
- Equal rights
- Future of Europe after Brexit
- Global warming and climate change
- Human dignity and wellbeing
- Migrant crisis
- Museums in time of austerity
- Social justice
- Technology and big data

Submissions are invited in the form of academic articles, exhibition/book reviews and visual contributions from graduated students (MA and PhD), current PhD candidates, early-career researchers and museum practitioners. In light of the debate of the new definition of what is a museum, Issue 24 will contribute to the discussion by including a section where researchers and museum practitioners submit their own definition (no more than 300 words) of what they believe a museum is.

The deadline for submissions and abstracts/proposals is Monday 3rd November 2019, 17.00 GMT. Submissions and enquiries should be emailed to:

Notes for contributors: