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Exciting new placement opportunity working with Journey to Justice!

As part of the Leicester leg of the Journey to Justice project, the idea of blue “Plaques of Justice” developed: each school in Leicester will be offered a Blue Justice Plaque, so that the school can investigate, research and adopt a social justice “champion” to display on the School’s Blue Plaque.

This placement opportunity will involve helping to finalise the Blue Plaques of Justice “toolkit” which will be made available to schools to help them outline possible processes for researching and selecting a local social justice figure to champion and to commemorate.  You would also be responsible for liaising directly with those schools over the programme leading up to the adoption of their respective plaque; and to be part of the team available for schools visits to introduce and explain the details of the project to the schools and their pupils, and to “workshop” the idea of social justice champions with them.

To find out more and apply please follow the link below: