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New Placement Opportunity: Playbills from Nottingham’s Theatres

Nottingham Local Studies Library has numerous long playbills from Nottingham’s theatres, spanning back to the late 1800’s. To preserve these incredible posters and the significant information they hold, the large collection needs to be indexed and, if possible, digitised and showcased.

 Key tasks…

  • Carefully collate key information from each playbill on to an excel spreadsheet
  • Explore the feasibility of digitising the playbills, including resources and equipment needs, cost and timescales
  • Scope options for promoting the playbills
  • Produce a report with recommendations for next steps based on the feasibility study

Key rewards…

  • Contribute towards preserving Nottingham’s local performing arts history
  • Develop career and employment potential through a unique experience for a high profile organisation
  • Enjoy seeing a vast selection of playbills and historic theatre information
  • Develop personal qualities required to be an effective researcher
  • Work alongside a team of dedicated and experienced staff

Skills, knowledge or experience needed:

  • Organised and methodical with the ability to follow instructions
  • Willingness to handle historic documents with care and respect
  • Reliable and self-motivated to complete the project unsupervised (staff will be around the area for support) in a timely way
  • Excellent report writing skills with the ability to present information and recommendations clearly and concisely
  • Able to carry out the requirements of the role at Central Library, Angel Row, Nottingham

 Timeframe to consider:

  • A minimum commitment of 5 hours per week for approximately 6 months (negotiable)

Contact Information:

If this is the sort of placement you have been looking for, or want to discuss this possibility further, please contact:  Lynda Naylor – Local Studies Librarian