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The Birmingham Trojan Horse affair was an alleged plot to Islamicise schools. John Holmwood has written a research-based book on the topic and collaborated with LUNG theatre in the creation of a play shown to great acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  It will be on tour in major theatres in the Midlands, North England and London during October and November.  We are looking for an engagement manager to help in the organisation of local community events and after show Q&A. The events will link with the Independent Review of Prevent announced by the government and will involve liaison with civil rights NGOs. A final performance at Parliament is also planned.

Skills, knowledge or experience needed:

The ideal candidate will be interested in verbatim theatre or community-based theatre; or in the translation of social research into drama. Knowledge of Urdu would be an advantage, as would familiarity with issues facing British Muslims arising out of the Prevent agenda. An interest in social justice would also be relevant. The placement will involve developing evaluation of activities.

Timeframe to consider:

This is an employability placement and you can develop a project brief that entails up to 3 months work on this project.   Please note the deadline to submit a project brief for this placement is June 28th. The play will be in rehearsal in September with performances from 1st October through to 21st November. The play is showing from Tuesday through Saturday and the placement will be touring with the show, with Sundays and Mondays as ‘days off’. The placement is 3 months from 1st September.

Contact Information:

If this is the sort of placement you have been looking for, or want to discuss this possibility further, please contact : Prof. John Holmwood