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My name is Anthony Esteban,

My PhD. is in Translation Studies,

And my thesis title is: Star Wars - Aliens, Dubbing, and the Uncanny Valley


Thesis Description:

I am an M3C/AHRC funded PhD candidate at the University of Nottingham researching the influence on the concept of the Uncanny Valley on character perception in dubbed versions of science-fiction films, in particular the Star Wars saga. This original and interdisciplinary research, that sits at the intersection of Translation and Film Studies, elaborates on the recent works of Angela Tinwell (Uncanny Valley) and Charlotte Bosseaux, aims at building a bridge between conceptual ideas such as the representation character identity in dubbing and the methods employed by the dubbing industry to achieve audience immersion.


Prior to starting this project, I have been the lead editor as well as the translation and production manager for the French department of Black Library, the fiction publishing arm of Games Workshop Ltd. During the six years I spent in this role, I supervised the translation of over a hundred science-fiction novels and graphic novels. During that time, I have also personally translated the science-fiction novel Talon of Horus (Aaron Dembski-Bowden), the high fantasy novel Luthor Huss (Chris Wraight), and the graphic novel Lones Wolves (Dan Abnett).


I hold a degree with honours from the French film school CinéCréatis (Nantes, France) and a first class Master's degree in Literature from the University of Angers (France).


My academic interests include translation, dubbing, science-fiction and genre cinema, pop culture, video games, and fact driven research.


May the Force be with you, always.


Supervisors and Institution(s): 

Dr. Pierre-Alexis Mével

Dr. Jean-Xavier Ridon


Publications (please include full details with page nos. or web links):


Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:


  • November 25th 2016: First year Work In Progress presentation at the University of Nottingham, centred on the specificities of translation science-fiction and the relation between the Uncanny Valley and dubbing.
  • February 11th 2017: Paper presented at the 5th Durham University PG Colloquium, entitled Otherness and Power: The use of accents in the Star Wars franchise.
  • May 3rd 2017: Paper presented at the 2017 University of Nottingham CLAS symposium, entitled The Uncanny Valley in Star Wars and Translation.

  • Postgraduate Learning Community Forum (LCF) representative.

Teaching for the 2017/2018 Academic Year

  • Tutor for the Introduction to Translation and Interpreting module at the University of Nottingham.
  • Tutor for Translation into French for Native Speakers of French module at the University of Nottingham.

Other Research Interests:

  • Pop culture
  • Genre cinema
  • Video games


University email address:

Twitter: @AnthonyEsteban_

Other Social Media:



Se as it seemed to be popular at the research festival, here is the poster I presented in May 2018:

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