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My name is Adela Kratenova 

and I am a

PhD doctoral researcher in Law at Nottingham Trent University

Thesis Title:

Effective enforcement of international commercial transactions by UK businesses in a fragmenting transnational institutional environment


Thesis Description:

The PhD research will analyse current Private international law (the ‘PIL’) and arbitration rules in force in the UK, and the corresponding practices of businesses in the East Midlands (the ‘EM’) pertaining to their contract arrangements with the cross-border partners concerning any potential disputes and dispute resolution.

Further, the research will examine the possible impact of the UK leaving the EU (the ‘BREXIT’) through identifying the disadvantages in case of the removal of the EU PIL regime on EM businesses. 

The project will also investigate the preferable future options of EM businesses as to the arrangement in their contracts concerning disputes and dispute resolution.

Finally, the research will identify the most reliable and certain modes of protection which EM businesses can utilise.

An important aspect of the PhD research is the emphasis on securing the economic development of EM businesses regardless of changes implemented after BREXIT by application of the analysed data into a repository (Information Hub). The Information Hub will be available to all participating businesses providing them with information about their legal possibilities. This will allow EM businesses to answer crucial questions; where can they sue and how they can enforce their claim.

The research aims to identify possible ways for EM businesses to proceed with the legal arrangements in their contracts in cross-border trade, based on theoretical knowledge as well as on their preferred practise. The project will contribute to the facilitation of changes that BREXIT may bring and to help maintain sound trade to the greatest possible extent. The better EM businesses are prepared, the better relationships they create with their trading partners having a positive impact on the end customers.

Supervisors and Institution(s): 

Graham Ferris - Associate Professor, Nottingham Trent University

Brian Harris - Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University

Academic Biography:

  • Bachelor's degree in Economics and Economic Policy, University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic (2007-2011)
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree combined in General Law and Legal Sciences, Charles University, Faculty of Law, Prague, Czech Republic (2008-2015)
  • LLM International Trade and Commercial Law (Distinction), Nottingham Trent University, UK (2015-2016)
  • Midlands3Cities DTP funded PhD Researcher, Nottingham Trent University (2017- present)

Conferences presented at:

  • University of Edinburgh - Edinburgh Postgraduate Law Conference 2018, paper title: 'Enforcing global trading networks in a fragmenting regionalised world'
  • University of Durham -  Postgraduate Conference - Commercial Law in Times of Change, paper title: 'Challenges in a fragmenting institutional environment – the BREXIT and Private international law perspective’ 
  • International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences - 2nd Law & Political Science Conference, Prague, paper title: 'International legal relations in troubled times and their impact on substantive elements of international trade’; included panel chairing
  • Midlands3Cities Research Festival 2018 Birmingham, presented poster titled: 'Challenges - by BREXIT'
  • 2018 Nottingham Trent University Doctoral Research Festival, competed in 3 minute thesis competition

Other Research Interests:

  • Private International Law
  • International Trade and Commercial Law
  • International Legal Theory
  • EU Law


  • Awarded Nottingham Law School Prize for the best overall LLM student 2015/2016


University email address:

LinkedIn: Adela Kratenova

Twitter: @adela_kratenova


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