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Our vision is to:

  1. deliver Deliver a high quality and innovative programme of subject-specific and interdisciplinary postgraduate research training and skills development in a coherent world-class, cohort-wide research environment that will enhance and develop the abilities of our doctoral graduates, deepen the intellectual, cultural and economic impact of postdoctoral activities, and provide the foundation for research leadership in the twenty-first century
  2. enrich Enrich the doctoral experience of theoretical and practice-based research by integrating the complementary strengths of all our universities via integrated supervision, training and developmental activities and through the shared expertise of the M3C DTP's diverse research communities and pooled resources and facilities
  3. focus Focus on experiential learning as a means of developing and embedding skills that will enhance career mobility
  4. maximise Maximise the impact of doctoral research on the creative economy and embed knowledge exchange activities within the researcher life cycle by strengthening the links between the six universities and their local, regional, national and international partners

How will we deliver our vision?

We will combine and share intellectual and infrastructural assets of six universities to provide:

  • excellent Excellent supervision
  • an An innovative training programme grounded in strong Arts and Humanities research
  • an An integrated research infrastructure on the VPP
  • open Open access to facilities for all DTP students, and 
  • a A focus on experiential learning as a means of developing and embedding skills that will enhance career mobility.

By adding the combined assets and resources of our universities to partners and employers drawn from the Creative Economy, we will address three key challenges for our research community:

  • graduate Graduate employability
  • enhancing Enhancing Knowledge Exchange/impact of research and 
  • providing Providing the next generation of research leaders.