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After a fruitful first year of expanding my ideas and engaging in inspiring conversations with my three supervisors, I believe it's about time I start to begin a blog about my research. However, I'm hoping to create a mix of posts featuring my perspective on disabled access to higher education and suggestions for health and wellbeing strategies for doctoral students. However, I'm no expert in this. Oh dear, my imposter syndrome is showing again... I will talk about this in some depth later on a separate blog post. It deserves its own post, trust me.

If you're a new student in the M4C cohort, soon I will be posting about my experience of my first year research milestones with some advice on what to expect and how to approach these.

To conclude my first post, I'd recommend checking out my academic twitter. I am often tweeting about similar topics, alongside retweeting useful links and events for those in the field of literature and science.

Watch this space!