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Name: Wendy Brogden

PhD: Reformation history

Thesis Title: Catholicism and identity in the late Tudor/early Stuart Welsh borderlands

Thesis Description:

This research concerns the religious culture, community relationships and political awareness of Catholics in Herefordshire and the Welsh borderlands in the late Tudor/early Stuart period, with a focus on Catholics of below gentry status.  The starting point is a number or riots, instigated by Catholics, which took place in the area in the Whitsun of 1605.  As well as the State Paper documents generated because of concern at the centre following the riots, I have found previously untapped sources in the local Record Office and Cathedral Archives – in particular, a long series of Acts of Office books (some especially detailed), church court depositions and unpublished Churchwardens’ Accounts.  I have begun to use these, alongside the State Papers and various Star Chamber and Chancery cases, in a micro-history approach to the study of individual parishes and communities in order to analyse how confessional divisions played out in local society in the period  from c. 1580 and up to the start of the Civil War.


Supervisors and Institution(s):

Richard Cust, Birmingham University

Andrew Hopper, Leicester University


Publications (please include full details with page nos. or web links):

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Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:

Have now given a paper at the Institute of Historical Research in London, a talk to a Herefordshire local history group and another to the Worcester Historical Society at a study day organised jointly by the history group and Worcester University.  All provided very useful feedback and new contacts.

Have one more booking for the autumn of 2015,


Other Research Interests:

  • history of the Plowden family in the Tudor/Stuart period


Social Media Presence:

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