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Name: Tamara Peeters


Thesis Title: 

Literary Markers of Late Fifteenth Century Propaganda


Thesis Description:

The focus of my research are the literary markers found in late fifteenth century propaganda. While the propaganda produced during the Wars of the Roses has been studied by a number of scholars (Lewis 1965; Gill 1971; Ross 1981), the focus has always been the perspective of the historians. What were the authors trying to achieve? What do these documents tell us about the events that took place? What is the impact of these documents on the events that followed their publication? These are all questions that have been asked and answered, but what I'm interested in is how were these authors trying to achieve their goals, or how do these documents describe the events that took place. I want to go beyond the information supplied by these documents and look at the language that is used to describe the events and the people involved, and how this may have been used by different parties to achieve their goals. For the purpose of this investigation a corpus was compiled made up of a wide variety of items from the British Library, which are all pivotal texts in our knowledge of the events that took place between 1450-1499. 


Supervisors and Institution(s): 

Prof. Richard Ingham - Birmingham City University

Dr. Ursula Lutzky - Birmingham City University



Other Research Interests:

  • Shakespeare, especially the history plays, but also modern adaptations of Shakespeare's works.
  • The '45, and especially the propaganda side of the story. 




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