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English & Literary Theory


I am a British thinker, author, and educator of Russian-Serb descent. I was born in Romania and I grew up in the south of England. I currently live in Leicester.

Thesis Title: 

In Quest of Wisdom: Louise Rosenblatt, H.D., and the Transactional Literary Experience

My thesis theorises the relationship between the transactional literary experience and the experience of being in quest of wisdom in literary studies at HE-level and beyond. The thesis achieves this by way of constructing a dialogue between two thinkers supremely concerned with aesthetic experience and personalistic modes of learning: the twentieth-century educator and literary theorist, Louise Rosenblatt, and the modernist prose writer and poet, H.D. The transactional literary experience is the brain-child of Rosenblatt, while H.D. is a figure who devoted her life to articulating the personal experience of being in quest. While literary theory has recently turned its attention to re-exploring the nature of the human, the role of affect, and the centrality of ethics, this thesis contributes to these fields by foregrounding the pedagogical at the heart of them, at the same time as positioning H.D. as a thinker and Rosenblatt as a literary theorist committed to the institutional outworking of her theory.

My approach is to adopt a personalist framework for reading H.D. and Rosenblatt as thinkers who intersect by drawing upon Romantic, modernist, and existential ideas, tropes, and commitments. Drawing upon Rosenblatt’s entire oeuvre and unpublished materials and primarily H.D.’s quest poetry and prose of the 1940s, I aim to model the personalist approach to literary study which the thesis envisions, by actively developing intuitive connections between the two thinkers. 


My broader research interests generally are grouped around the following:


  • Theories and philosophies of learning and culture in university literary studies
  • Russian personalism
  • Nineteenth- and twentieth-century culture: self-identity, creativity, ethics
  • Adoption studies



Supervisors and Institution(s): 

Professors Andy Mousley (DMU; Years 1-2), Joe Phelan (DMU; Year 3), and Martin Halliwell (Leicester)



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Twitter: @rvytniorgu