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Name: Rosalind (Rosie) Fielding

PhD: Drama

Thesis Title: Embodying Dialogue: Hybridity and Identity in Japanese and British Shakespeare Productions


Thesis Description:

My research is on the intercultural performance of Shakespeare in contemporary Britain and Japan. I aim to explore the ways theatre can play a role in individual and community identity formation, and to examine the possibilities for international exchange created by performance.


Supervisors and Institution(s): Professor Michael Dobson (The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham) ; Professor Ewan Fernie (The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham)

Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:

  • 16/5/2015, presented a paper at 'Traditional Asian Performance in /and Modernity: Symposium', University of Roehampton
  • 04-06/6/2015, presented a paper at the Annual British Graduate Shakespeare Conference
  • September 2014-February 2015, Researcher, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
  • Aki Isoda project (in progress, commencing February 2015-. Latest event 19-20/01/2017 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Researcher, translator and interpreter)
  • Co-secretary of the Annual British Graduate Shakespeare Conference (November 2014-July 2015)
  • Shakespeare in Japan project, Shakespeare's Globe (to be held in summer 2016, planning beginning from February 2015)
  • Research assistant, Globe to Globe Hamlet, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (May 2015-)
  • Delivered a seminar on Global Shakespeare at the Politics, Media and Culture Summer School Programme (August 2015, Magdalen College, Oxford)
  • PGTA at the University of Birmingham (Spring term 2016-)
  • 21-23/01/16, presented a paper at 'Shakespeare after Shakespeare', the French Shakespeare Society's 2016 conference, Cité Internationale Universitaire, Paris
  • 06/02/2016, presented a paper at TaPRA Postgraduate Symposium, University of Sheffield
  • Interviewer, Unfinished Histories (January 2016-)
  • Birmingham representative, Free for All (Autumn 2015-Spring 2016)
  • Mentor, Othello: In Performance, RSC/Shakespeare Birthplace Trust/University of Birmingham (February-March 2016)
  • Co-organiser for symposium 'Shakespeare who?': The Blurred Bard' 3 May 2016 (Shakespeare Institute and The Other Place)
  • Postgraduate Research lead, Social Media Research and Collaboration, University of Birmingham (Summer 2016)
  • 15/04/16, presented a paper at the European Shakespeare Research Association seminar in Craiova, in association with the International Shakespeare Festival Craiova
  • 6/5/2016, delivered paper at Othering Shakespeare symposium, Shakespeare Institute
  • 13/5/2016, delivered paper at Midlands3Cities DTP Research Festival (Research Relay), University of Nottingham
  • 3/6/2016, delivered paper at the Annual British Graduate Shakespeare Conference, Shakespeare Institute
  • 10/6/2016, delivered paper at the Traditional Asian Performances Conference, University of Lincoln
  • 7/7/2016, Hamlet & Japan, Globe Education, Sam Wanamaker Playhouse (organiser, researcher, translator and interpreter. Translated Q&A with Aki Isoda, and with two members of staff, during the event)
  • 9/7/2016, delivered paper as part of Aki Isoda's performance at the Gyula Shakespeare Festival, Hungary
  • 6/7/2016-11/7/2016, interpreter for Aki Isoda
  • 10/09/2016, interpreter for a New Adventures workshop, Tokyo, Nippon Engineering College
  • 13/11/2016, delivered a lecture and took part in a Q&A at the Sendai Shakespeare Company's public event and rehearsal of The Merchant of Venice (Sendai Public Library, Japan)
  • 16/11/2016, delivered a 90 minute lecture at Toyo University, Japan, on 'Contemporary Shakespearean Performance in Japan'
  • 20/11/2016, delivered a paper at the Literature and Culture Research Group, 25th meeting, Waseda University
  • 22/01/2016, delivered a paper at the Shakespeare Film East West conference, Waseda University
  • 22/03/2017- , Visiting Research Fellow at Waseda University
  • February 2017-, contemporary Japanese adaptations of Shakespeare translation project with Waseda University
  • 17/05/2017, delivered a paper and led a research seminar at Waseda University, School of International Liberal Studies, to MA and PhD students ('Contemporary Performances of Shakespeare in Japan and the Issue of Hybridity')
  • 31/05/2017, delivered a paper and leading a research seminar at Waseda University, School of International Liberal Studies, to MA and PhD students ('The 'Super-Ageing, Super-Creative' Society: Saitama Gold Theatre x Saitama Next Theatre')
  • 05/10/2017, interpreter and participant, 'Ninagawa Remembered: Kodama Ryuichi and Yamaguchi Hiroko', workshop by Waseda University held at the Shakespeare Institute
  • 06/10/2017, 'Ninagawa Shakespeare: A Memorial Symposium' at the Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom, panellist 'Ninagawa Remembered: Michael Dobson, Michael Billington, Philip Breen, Rosalind Fielding' ( I also interpreted for Kyozo Nakamura during his Q&A at the event
  • 28/10/2017, delivered a paper at the Shakespeare Association of Korea International Conference, Chungbuk National University
  • I received a number of SDF awards, in addition to a RTSG, to fund my fieldwork in Japan. This fieldwork has been invaluable to my research, providing me with access to resources that are only available in Japan, as well as allowing me to interview academics and those involved in Shakespearean performance, in addition to allowing me to participate in the events listed above. 

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