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Name: Jan Tasker 

PhD: English Literature/History

Thesis Title: Early English Drama and the Supernatural, 1530 - 1642.


Thesis Description:

This thesis will investigate the ways early English drama engaged with and influenced changing attitudes towards the supernatural consequent on the Reformation.  'Supernatural' will be interpreted broadly to consider those things contemporaries perceived as operating outside the laws of nature so includes God and Providence, as well as ghosts and witches for example.  English drama is interpreted as drama targeted at an English audience, regardless of language or place of composition, and drama includes the wide variety of dramatic texts that were available, not simply commercial performances.


Supervisors and Institution(s):

Dr Martin Wiggins and Dr Jonathan Willis, both of University of Birmingham


Publications (please include full details with page nos. or web links):

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Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:

2014 - 15; year 1:

  • May 2015 University of Birmingham Virtual Open Day interviewee.
  • June 2015 paper presented at the British Graduate Conference at the Shakespeare Institute.
  • July 2015 research presented at 'From Iconoclasm to Iconophobia' workshop at the Shakespeare Institute in celebration of 30 years since Collinson's paper, reviewing progress in subsequent research and identifying new directions by key historians in the field.

2015 - 16; year 2:

Other Research Interests:

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Social Media Presence:

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