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Current Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:

Poet-in-residence at St Ann's Allotments, Nottingham


Orchard Activity Day: 17th April, family poetry trail and activity, read the poems composed here


St. Ann's Academy Primary School 'Dig for History' writing workshop: 28th April, the poem written by the children and myself is now displayed on a permanent interpretation board at the dig site, read the full poem here.

Ongoing creative writing workshops with Nature in Mind - see the leaflet here.

Nature in Mind and Journey to Justice CDF 

Nature in Mind is a project led by Framework Housing Association in Nottingham. This project supports people with mental health problems and promotes well-being through nature-based activities. Some of these activities take place at Nature in Mind’s allotment site within St. Ann’s Allotments and Heritage Gardens in the city centre. I spent a number of sessions at the allotment encouraging participants to write about their experiences of interacting with the natural environment. The collaborative poem which resulted from these sessions forms part of this film, alongside interviews with the co-ordinator of the project, Mark Scoones, and the participants. Thanks goes to all who took part.


Creative writing packs have been produced for gardeners and delivered to the allotments. See the packs here