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Name: Eddie Cheetham

PhD: History

Thesis Title: Hospital and Healthcare Communities in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire 1900-1939


Thesis Description:

An analysis of the relationships formed around local voluntary hospitals (and possibly local authority institutions) in the period roughly from 1900-1948, with special focus on civil society, the rise of the Hospital Saturday Committees, and the location of power on hospital boards. Current leads on research have spurred me to analyze the foundation and presence of local cottage hospitals (where did they come from, who built them, who funded them etc.) and to try and assess the level of 'public image' the hospitals possessed in an era before the grand old NHS.

Primarily my research has focused on my home county of Derbyshire, looking at the ways that different communities operated around a functioning voluntary hospital. This has lead to very rich seams of research around class, gender and the public sphere. Derbyshire has a mix of rural villages, industrial villages, sprawling urban masses and dispersed populations around the Peak District. This makes for fascinating cross-sections of different types of society, and introduces societal differences between a hospital that mainly caters to a rural population compared to that set in the heart of a town or a city. Currently research is finding that the Edwardian period was surprisingly one of transition for hospitals - established hospitals were starting to professionalize their hospital committees and to improve their hospital sites, and many new Cottage Hospitals were springing up.



Supervisors and Institution(s): Dr Nick Hayes, NTU; Dr Jenny Woodley, NTU; Dr Jonathan Reinarz, UoB


Previous Experience:

Undergraduate (2010-2013) at NTU
Research Assistant under Nick Hayes looking at the Emergency Medical Service in World War II (Summer 2013)

Master's Degree (2013-2014) at NTU

Other Research Interests:

  • Local History
  • Current healthcare communities e.g. Leagues of Friends
  • Industrial History

Conferences/Seminars Attended:

Historical Perspectives Seminar Series, guest speaker 10/03/16 University of Glasgow

Welfare Before the Welfare State Conference, University of Leicester 30/04/16 UoL, M3C University

Nottingham Trent University History and Heritage Guest Seminar Series 03/12/15 NTU, M3C University

Medicine in its Place Conference, University of Kent, 7-10/7/2016 Centre for the History of Medicine, Ethics and Medical Humanities, University of Kent

East Midlands History Network [?] ‘Gender and Identity’ Conference, University of Lincoln, 18/1/2017



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