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Name: Craig Hamilton

PhD: Popular Music Studies

Thesis Title: Rethinking Music Consumption: The Harkive Project

Thesis Description:

My research project will relate questions to the creative and music industries with those from the academy to explore music consumption in the digital age. Using an original online platform, Harkive, that encourages people to set out their motivations for listening to music, I will generate and interpret data about the way people represent their music consumption, and use Harkive as a vehicle to investigate if a theoretical understanding of music consumption could be the basis for a successful new business model in the music industry.

Supervisors and Institution(s):

Dr Nicholas Gebhardt (Birmingham City University)

Prof. Tim Wall (Birmingham City University)

Publications (please include full details with page nos. or web links):

Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:


  • "Multi-Format, Multi-Technology Music Fans and the Value of Music" at Poplife: The Value of Popular Music in the 21st Century, The University of Northampton, UK, June 2014
  • "Communities of Interest in Online Music" at ISAPM UK & Ireland Conference, 'Words of Popular Music', University College Cork, Ireland, September 2014
  • "The Harkive Project" at Music Tech Fest, London, UK, September 2014
  • "A Day In The Life of Radio" at The 2014 European Radio Symposium, 'Understanding Radio:The Wider Context', Madrid, Spain, November 2014

Other Research Interests:

  • Social Media
  • Digital Culture

Social Media Presence:

Twitter: @craigfots

Craig on Academia

Craig on LinkedIn

The Harkive Project on Twitter

The Harkive Project website