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Name: Bronwen Edwards 

PhD: English Literature

Thesis Title: 'What you have to do is remember': Representations of women's experiences of Second World War clandestine warfare in fiction, life writing, film and television.


Thesis Description:

My research project will explore the textual differences between life writing, biographical and fictional representations of women's experiences of clandestine warfare in the Second World War and the consequent implications. Using ideas of Postmodern Feminism I will interrogate the construction of gendered identity in the reconstruction of the past within narratives of memory, questioning the methods by which we construct notions of selfhood as well as how history is represented through different textual mediums. The role played by women such as Christine Granville and Nancy Wake in the Second World War is part of our cultural heritage which is only just coming to public attention, an area of women's roles in war which I feel it is important to recognise and investigate further.


Supervisors and Institution(s):

Dr Victoria Stewart - University of Leicester

Dr Mark Rawlinson - University of Leicester


Research Interests:

Women's writing, popular fiction, life writing, Second World War Fiction, Heritage, Feminism, Memory

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