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Name: <Andrew Ollerton> 

PhD: <Historical Theology>

Thesis Title: <The Crisis of Calvinism in Cromwellian England>


Thesis Description:

<My research considers the reasons for the rise of anti-Calvinist soteriology  during the years of Puritan hegemony (1650s). On their own watch, the Puritan divines found some of their own articulating Arminian ideas (John Goodwin), as well as new publications from the old enemy of episcopalian divines (Thomas Pierce). To add further confusion, soteriologies emerged from Baptist, Quaker, Socinian and other radicals that made Reformed divines fear the worst. The research includes a significant overview chapter charting the rise of Arminianism in the 1650s followed by several theological chapters covering the themes of eternal decrees, atonement and saving grace.   >


Supervisors and Institution(s): <Prof. John Coffey (Leicester) and Prof. Alan Ford (Nottingham)>


Publications (please include full details with page nos. or web links):

  • <Quasi deificari: Deification in the Theology of John Calvin, Westminster Journal of Theology (Fall 2011).>


Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:


  • <Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Applied Theology (London School of Theology, 2011-13)>
  • <Associate Lecturer in Theology (Nazarene Theological College, 2013-)


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Other Research Interests:

  • Reformed Theology
  • John Calvin's understanding of union and theosis
  • The spirituality of William Wilberforce
  • The reception of English Arminian soteriology among the Wesleyan Methodists


Social Media Presence:

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