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Name: Andrew Lennon

PhD: Drama and Theatre Studies

Thesis Title: An Uncanny Aesthetic - Investigating cross-disciplinary performative reality in contemporary documentary theatre and film

Thesis Description:

Building on my MA and BA research into the representations of reality through media and the re-performing or communicating of archived occurrences, my PhD will investigate how live performance and film can be considered as part of a continuing trajectory of the history which they explore.  Through an authenticity in creation, subject matter, sources and communication, it is discernible that the memories, traumas or archives represented form part of a "state of becoming", what Deleuze termed an "immanence".  In this sense I trace the aesthetics of my case studies back to their inception in search of not a stringent set of rules, but more guiding principles that can be seen to draw ontological comparisons in the creation of documentary film and theatre.

Supervisors and Institution(s):

  • Dr Liz Tomlin (UoB) 
  • Dr James Walters (UoB)

Publications (please include full details with page nos. or web links

Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:


  • "Beckett and Darkness: The drive to and the flight from …"; Conference paper delivered at Staging Beckett and Contemporary Theatre and Performance Cultures, University of Reading, April 9th 2015


  • "Realised Recordings : Documentary strategies examining Memory, Authenticity and the Real"; Conference paper delivered at Museums of Memory Conference, Plymouth University, June 26th 2014

Other Research Interests:

  • Samuel Beckett

Social Media Presence:

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