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Name: Tadas Stalyga

PhD: Performing Arts

Thesis Title: Staging the Sensuous: Towards Poeisis in Theatre and Performance Praxis


Thesis Description:

The focus of the research is a material/discursive development of hybrid creative methodology for interdisciplinary performance art practices. As the title 'Staging the Sensuous' suggests, I will attempt combine two systems of think-doing - material logic (sensuousness - shape, color, texture, tone, intensity) and discursive logic (staging - drama, narrative, discourse).This will allow me to trace the impact of visual and aural thinking onto a theatrical setting, to re-think the stage as the frame of an image, and to shift the emphasis away from language towards the present matter (bodies, objects, lights, sound). I will argue that the staging logic (Mise-En-Scene) can emerge through intensive material experimentation, rather than being employed as an representation of a preceding idea or text.

Supervisors and Institution(s): 

Associate Prof. Aleksandar Dundjerovic, Birmingham School of Acting, BCU

Dr. Simon Atkinson, De Montfort University


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