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Name: Stefania Zardini Lacedelli

PhD:  Museum Studies

Thesis Title:   The museum as a platform for sound culture


Thesis Description:

The purpose of my research is to explore the museum as a platform for sound culture. I investigate the role that sound culture could have in the transformation of museum conceptualization in the post-digital age, a moment when digitality is becoming increasingly assimilated as an integral part of some organizational structures and development. In particular, I assume that sound culture and the contemporary sonic practices can be a catalyst for the adoption of a new platform model that is acting on museums as both metaphor, organizational structure and business model. This investigation addresses two main different challenges that contemporary museums are facing: (1) the embrace of sound culture, a broad concept that include sonic elements in the collection and in the design of cultural experiences, and that has always been underrepresented in a predominantly visual and material system; (2) the evolution of museum conceptualization, that started to change with the digital revolution and the emergence of the participatory turn and, in a post-digital context, is ready to mature into a new paradigm around the model of ‘platform’. Both issues require the museum to change not only at practical level – introducing new spaces, practices, processes of cultural production – but also at ontological level – introducing a rethinking of what museums are, why they exist and how they conceive heritage. The traditional museum conceptualization - a physical institution devoted to the collection and display of objects of material culture – struggles both to accomodate sound culture and to embrace the post-digital age. The aim of the research is to demonstrate how platform can be not only the new paradigm of the 21st century museum, but also the form by which it can evolve in a place for sound – and not only visual - culture. 



Supervisors and Institution(s):

First supervisor:  Dr Ross Parry, University of Leicester

Second supervisor:  Dr Giasemi Vavoula, University of Leicester

Third supervisor:  Dr Sheila Watson, University of Leicester




Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:

year: 2018

  • Researcher Collaborator at the University of Venice: I was selected for a 6-months research project coordinated by the Department of Management of the University of Venice, aimed to develop a digital and network strategy for the Civic Museums in Treviso. 

  • Teaching Coordinator of the Course “Museums and new digital cultures”: I designed and coordinated the course and the elearning platform. The course - organized by the cultural enterprise ISOIPSE and the Accredited Training Institution Apindustria Servizi - was designed for museum professionals coming from 19 different cultural institutions of the Veneto Region to develop digital thinking and digital skills throughout all levels of the organizational structure (communication, conservation, management, educational department).

year: 2017

year: 2016

  • Steering the school towards active citizenship and a new definition of intangible and immaterial heritage in the digital era. I co-organized the public consultation in terms of safeguarding and enhancement of intangible heritage belonging to the European cultures, promoted by the DiCultHer network, by managing the involvement of European students and educational professionals (Questionnaire). The DiCultHer network is composed by over sixty Italian cultural organizations, including 26 Universities, cultural Institutions, Research bodies and enterprises.

  • A music-sharing model for platform museums. Speaker in the seminar for museum professionals, Civic Museums, Venice, July 2016. I gave a talk on how can a museum enhance the involvement of virtual public through digital participatory activity.

  • MQUADRO: a platform model for museums. Lesson on digital sharing practices to the Master students in the course of Creative Development at the Ca' Foscari University, Venice (July 2016)

  • DOLOM.IT: the new virtual co-created museum, Spring 2016. Co-founder of the virtual museum dedicated to the Dolomites landscape ( co-created by students along with other cultural institutions of the Belluno district.

  • MQUADRO: a platform model for cultural heritage. Speaker in the panel Digital Cultural Heritage as Public Humanities Collaboration at 104th CAA Annual Conference, Washington (February 2016)

  • A music-sharing model of crowdsourcing in museums. Speaker in Open Knowledge and Open Arts Workshop at the University of Catania (February 27th, 2016)

year: 2015

  • I was selected to develop a digital research project at the digital visualization workshop Visualizing Venice, Venice International University (June 2015)
  • I gave lessons on Digital Heritage and digital storytelling to students of High School of Art in Belluno and Cortina, Italy (Spring 2015)

year: 2014


Other Research Interests:

  • Intangible Heritage in the Digital Age
  • New Knowledge Commons and Heritage communities
  • Emotions and co-creation in museums






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