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Name: Susan Keren Bishop - prefer to be known as Sue

PhD: History

Thesis Title: Mixed Romantic Relationships in post-war Leicester: Multiculturalism and the emotional complexities of Female Agency


Thesis Description: Through the predominant use of new oral histories, this project will investigate the experiences of heterosexual women who entered into long-term mixed romantic relationships in Leicester between 1948 and 1985. The study will uncover how and where couples met and how their relationships developed. It will consider how their daily lives together evolved, with particular reference to concepts of space and place. It will identify where women found support for the relationships and the social strategies they employed to mitigate familial, religious and political objections. It will assess the impact of these relationships on women’s sense of self.

The project will also consider the women’s role in a historical movement for everyday multiculturalism in Leicester. It will reveal and evaluate how romantic mixing across national, religious and ethnic boundaries has contributed to the evolution of cultural identities in the British city.


Supervisors and Institution(s): Dr. Sally Horrocks, University of Leicester and Dr. Pippa Virdee, De Montfort University


Publications (please include full details with page nos. or web links):

Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:



  • Media promotion of project and collection of 16 oral histories collected from people with memories of German Prisoners of War who were held in camps across Leicestershire between 1944-1948
  • Initial public engagement and archival research to scope feasibility of project looking at local public opposition to the construction of the Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Generating Station in Nottinghamshire during the early 1960s


  • Presentation of paper entitled, ‘Get Up, Stand Up….’? Women in mixed Black Caribbean and White British relationships in Leicester between 1948 and 1979, at the University of Leicester's History, Politics and International Relations Department's 2017 Postgraduate Researchers Conference 
  • Media promotion of project and collection of 12 oral histories collected from women who had experiences of long-term Black Caribbean and white British romantic relationships in Leicester between 1960 and 1985

Other Research Interests:

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University email address:

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Twitter: SueZelenyBishop

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