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Harriet Carter

Thesis Title: 

Beyond Transposition? Exploring painting and the metaphysical through birdsong and Messiaen's compositions.


Thesis Description:

My research explores my current painting practice that is situated between the School of Art and The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire; a practice-led interdisciplinary project that examines transposition between the auditory and the visual. Painting practice; specifically, the non-figurative, is approached as a thinking tool, using birdsong as a vehicle to explore transposition. Painting is considered both as an object and site of encounter in relationships with the metaphysical through mediated and unmediated birdsong. Transposition is key in reconceptualising the painted surface; in which the transience and ephemerality of birdsong is made tangible in permanent mark-making.


Supervisors and Institutions: 

Dr Jacqueline Taylor, School of Art, Birmingham City University

Professor Christopher Dingle, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University


Publications :


Conference presentations and posters:

  • February 2018. Translation<Transposition. Paper presented at the conference Changing Places. University of Worcester.
  • June 2017. Apprehending Experiences with Light: Investigations with the Phenomenology of Painting Practice. Poster presented at the 'Seeds of Knowledge' conference, University of Worcester.
  • May 2017. How Can Experiences of Light be Apprehended in Painting? Paper presented at a cross-institutional seminar, Worcester.


  • June 2017. A Study of Colour, group exhibition, The Gallery, Kenilworth.
  • June 2017. Images of Research, competition and exhibition, The Hive, Worcester
  • May 2017. Moving On, Staying On, group exhibition, Worcester Arts Workshop, Worcester.

Artist Residencies:

  • June 2017, July 2018. Artist-in-Residence, Garage Studios, Worcester
  • September 2016. Artist-in-Residence, Sidney Nolan Trust, Powys, Wales. 



University email address:







Other Social Media:

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