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Name: Akvilė Stuart

PhD: Historical Musicology

Thesis Title: An Examination of the Music, Life and Legacy of Alexei Stanchinsky (1888-1914)

Thesis Description:

This project examines the life and works of the neglected Russian composer Alexei Stanchinsky (1888-1914), and explores his contribution to the development of music, as well as his position within the social and cultural milieu of late Imperial Russia. The project comprises critical analyses of both Stanchinsky’s life and his complete published works (twenty-nine works for solo piano, one piano trio, and ten Scottish songs to the words of Robert Burns). Stanchinsky’s music was a provocative force in Russia during his lifetime, but his legacy has since been neglected. By drawing upon existing contextual research and investigating primary sources, the project situates Stanchinsky’s lived experience and legacy within the social and artistic milieu of late Imperial Russia. The research aims to enrich the academic scholarship on late Imperial and early Soviet Russia, as well as provide performers with contextual and analytical insights, enabling Stanchinsky’s significance as a composer to be more widely recognised and encouraging more performances.


Supervisors and Institution(s): 

Dr Gareth Thomas, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

Prof Sarah Badcock, University of Nottingham

Prof Christopher Dingle, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire


Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:


  • 'The Importance of Social-Artistic Circles in Russian Music Publishing: The Circumstances of Publication and Reception of Alexei Stanchinsky’s works, 1913-1928'. Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (December 2018)


University email address:

Twitter: @AkvileStuart


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