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Name: Rory Booth

PhD: Urban History

Thesis Title: The Realm of Bohemia: Masculinity, the Press, and Clubland in late Victorian London and Manchester 1860-1914


Thesis Description:

My PhD investigates masculinity and the subcultures of bohemianism in the urban spaces of Victorian and Edwardian London and Manchester. I am closely examining the bohemian as a figure in popular British culture, and the ways in which this set of ideas was incorporated into performed masculinity in the urban space. I focus in particular on the cultures of bohemian gentlemen’s clubs. In order to do this, I am conducting a qualitative close textual analysis of the use of language, narrative, and iconography in the discourse of contemporary literature and the local and periodical press. I am also looking at the records of bohemian clubs, including memoirs, library records, and club histories.


Supervisors and Institution(s): Studying at University of Leicester, supervised by Professor Simon Gunn and Dr Sarah Goldsmith


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