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Miranda Jones

Ph.D. in Literature

Thesis Title:

Engagements with the pastoral mode in the poetry and plays of Derek Walcott

The intention of my research is to explore engagements with the pastoral mode in the works of Sir Derek Walcottt. The thesis will explore the potential for the pastoral mode to be crafted and shaped in an innovative and creative manner, whilst recognising its flaws and boundaries. There will be a particular focus on the long narrative poems Omeros (1990),  and Another Life (1973), alongside a variety of collections of Walcott's shorter poetic works and plays.  



University of Birmingham: Dr Dave Gunning, Dr Jarad Zimbler

University of Leicester: Dr Lucy Evans   




  • As part of a committee with fellow M3C researchers I helped organize a conference titled 'Postcolonialism in Interdisciplinary Perspective', which took place in May 2017 at the University of Birmingham.
  • Started a placement with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon in May 2017, working with the archives to create a blog series relating to the Trust's extensive collections.
  • Presented at the 42nd Annual Conference of the Caribbean Studies Association
  • Collaborated with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to organize and present at 'Stratford Salutes Sir Derek Walcott', an event which explored and celebrated Walcott's work with the Royal Shakespeare Company. The RSC commissioned Walcott to create a script for 'The Odyssey', a theatrical interpretation of Homer's epic, and this production premiered in 1992 at The Other Place and was directed by Gregory Doran. My blog posts relating to this research can be found here: 



University email address:


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