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Name: Luigi Marino

PhD: Music Composition

Thesis Title: Composing relationships. Gesture and identity in electronic music performance.


Thesis Description:

  • What roles does gesture play in electronic music performance?
  • What forms of identity does synthetic sound reflect?

The computer has now become the principal medium of music production, and has helped electronic music spread as a global practice. However, while computers are excellent at automation and repetition, they bring challenging problems about their use in performance. Their identity as a musical instrument continues to be a subject of debate and innovation.

My research concerns relationships between performer and machine in electronic music performance. According primary importance to the performer's decision-making process (improvisation), my goal is to develop a flexible system for creating compositions that explore interactions between human-driven sources and a computer. This work is a practice-led enquiry in which I engage in the production of musical compositions and performances, reflect on their results, and contextualise the gestural and synthetic qualities around key concerns in contemporary culture that pertain to computer-based music production.


Supervisors and Institution(s): 

First supervisor: Scott Wilson (University of Birmingham)

Second supervisor: John Richards (De Montfort University)


Selected performances:

  • 11/Sep/16 - Uccello Acquatico @ Spektrum, Berlin
  • 24/Sep/16 - Colombo/Schiaffini/Marino @ Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Roma

  • 6/Sep/15 - Colombo/Schiaffini/Marino @ Jazz per L'Aquila. L'Aquila, Italy

  • 11/Jul/15 - Uccello Acquatico @ Offene Ohren - Freunde der improvisierten Musik, Munich
  • 9/Jul/15 - Uccello Acquatico @ Spazio O', Milan
  • 25/Jun/15 - Hau @ Spazio O', Milan
  • 24/Apr/15 - Hau @ Intonal Festival, Malmö, Sweden (Performance with diffusion by Jacob Riis)
  • 10/Dec/14 - Hau @ Acousmatic for the People, Malmö, Sweden (Performance with diffusion by Jacob Riis and lecture about my work)
  • 19/Sep/14 - Ordinary Hidden Soundscape @ International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), Athens
  • 16/May/14 - Colombo/Schiaffini/Marino @ Blutopia, Rome
  • 30/Apr/14 - Colombo/Schiaffini/Marino @ Radio Popolare (Interview + presentation of the cd Totem)
  • 29/Mar/14 - Colombo/Schiaffini/Marino @ Totemtanz, Rome
  • 26/Jan/14 - Urban Flux @ Teatro Santa Marta, Venice (Improvisation workshop and concert organized by University of Venice Ca' Foscari)
  • 25/Jan/14 - Urban Flux @ Casa Del Popolo, Lodi, Italy
  • 24/Jan/14 - Urban Flux @ WIM, Zurich
  • 26/Oct/12 - Ordinary Hidden Soundscape @ Seoul International Electronic Music Festival, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea


University email address:


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