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Name: Katrina Peake 

PhD: Law, Trade, Sustainable Development, Labour Rights, Human Rights

Thesis Title: To what extent do EU trade and sustainable development instruments effectively promote labour rights in the Ready-Made Garment industry of South and Southeast Asia?


Thesis Description:

My PhD explores the EU's approaches to sustainable development through trade and the impact of these approaches on labour rights in the Ready-Made Garment industry of EU trade partner countries, particularly in Asia. The different methods of EU trade that will be analysed within the thesis are: Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) and the EU-Bangladesh Sustainability Compact.


Supervisors and Institution(s): 

Professor Jeffrey Kenner (University of Nottingham)

Dr Narine Ghazaryan (University of Nottingham)



  • Katrina Peake, Book Review: 'Eva Brems and Ellen Desmet (eds), Integrated Human Rights in Practice (EE 2017)' 18(4) Human Rights Law Review 797.
  • Katrina Peake, Book Review: 'Joe Wills, Contesting World Order? Socioeconomic Rights and Global Justice Movements (CUP 2017)' (2018) 18(3) Human Rights Law Review 616.
  • Katrina Peake, Jeff Kenner and Stuart Wallace, 'The EU's engagement with civil society' in Jan Wouters and others (eds), The European Union and Human Rights: Law and Policy (OUP 2019) (IN PRESS)
  • Katrina Peake and Jeff Kenner, 'The Bangladesh Sustainability Compact: An Effective Exercise of Global Experimentalist EU Governance?' (2017) 19 Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies 86
  • Katrina Peake, Jeffrey Kenner and others, ‘The integration of EU development, trade and human rights policies’ (FRAME Deliverable 9.4 2016), available at:
  • Katrina Sissins, Jeffrey Kenner and others 'Structures and Mechanisms to Strengthen Engagement with Non-State Actors in the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights' (FRAME Deliverable 7.3, 2016), particularly the section on strengthening the EU's engagement with civil society, available at:


Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:


  • Participant on the Academy of European Law's General and Specialized Courses on the Law of the European Union, European University Institute, Florence, Italy, 04-15/07/16.
  • Participant on the Seminar of Comparative Labour Law 'Pontingagno XXXIII' entitled 'Work and Disability', Modena, Italy, 28/06-01/07/16.
  • Speaker with Professor Kenner at the European Union in International Affairs V Conference, Academy Palace, Brussels 11-13/05/16.
  • Pathways to Law Mentor mentoring disadvantaged young people with ambitions to study law at university 07/15-05/16.
  • Attended the Fifth International Conference on Precarious Work and Vulnerable Workers, Middlesex University London 13-14/06/16.
  • Attended the FRAME Towards More Effective Engagement between the EU and Non-State Actors on Human Rights Workshop, Chandos House, London 03/07/15.
  • Research Intern on the FRAME project 07/15-08/16.
  • Summer School Ambassador working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with aspirations to study law at university 06-07/15.


  • Research Assistant on the European Union's FP7-funded FRAME project 09/15-04/17
  • PhD Law Student Representative 09/16-09/17
  • Project Facilitator on the Journey to Justice Project 10/16-05/17
  • Speaker on the University of Nottingham PhD Seminar Series 23/11/16
  • Speaker at the Fostering Human Rights Among European Policies (FRAME) India Colloquium 31.01.16. 'The Integration of EU Development, Trade and Human Rights Policies in Bangladesh'
  • Speaker at the South Asia and International Law Young Scholars Workshop, New Delhi, India, 2017 01.02.17-02.02.17. Paper - 'Connecting EU Trade and Labour Rights in the Asian Clothing Industry'
  • Speaker with Professor Kenner at the CELS Lunchtime Seminar Series 2017 15.02.17, Paper: 'The Bangladesh Sustainability Compact as 'Global Experimentalist Governance'
  • Speaker at the University of Nottingham's Sustainable Development RPA Event 22.02.2017, 'EU Trade and Sustainable Development Instruments in the Pursuit of Promoting Labour Rights'.
  • Participant and poster presenter at the FRAME Final Conference, Brussels 26.04.17
  • Speaker at the AHRI Conference, Leuven 27.04.17-28.04.17. Paper - 'Protecting and Promoting Labour Rights through EU Trade: Searching for the Silver Thread?'
  • Speaker at the Human Rights Challenges in the 21st Century Conference 10.05.17. 
  • Research Relay at the M3C Research Festival 25.05.17
  • Participant at the Global Trade and Labour Rights Seminar 2017 19.06.17-23.06.17
  • Speaker at the Young Scholars Section of the Global Trade and Labour Rights Seminar 2017 23.06.17. Paper 'Rummaging through Rubble or Building Anew? The Search for a Strategy on Trade and Labour Rights Post Rana Plaza'.


  • Speaker and participant at the EADI NORDIC 2017 conference 20/08/17-23/08/17. Paper, 'The 'New Generation' EU-Vietnam FTA: Prospects for Progress in Decent Work?'
  • Visiting Scholar, International Labour Organisation, Dhaka, Bangladesh October-September 2017
  • Tutor, Employment Law, The University of Nottingham, November 2017
  • Clinical Fellow, HEC-NYU EU Clinic, January 2018-April 2018.
  • Tutor, European Union Law, The University of Nottingham 2017/2018
  • Tutor, EU Employment Law, The University of Nottingham February 2018
  • Roundtable Speaker, IAPS, HRLC Roundtable on Bangladesh Social and Economic Rights 22.03.2018
  • Speaker GCfE Conference 10-11.05.2018. 'Engaging the Grassroots: EU Engagement with Civil Society'.
  • Research Associate, Rights Lab, May 2018 - October 2018
  • Research Relay at the M3C Festival 24.05.2018
  • Visiting Scholar, International Labour Organization, Colombo, Sri Lanka June 2018
  • Speaker and participant, XXII ISLSSL World Congress Torino 2018, September. Paper: 'EU Trade and Labour Rights in the Garment Industry: Sinking Strategies or Tools of Transformation?'


  • Research Associate, Rights Lab May - October 2018
  • Participant at the Houses of Parliament - Roundtable 3. A Good Look: Fashion, Modern Slavery & Transparency, 20 November 2018
  • Tutor, Employment Law 2018/19 Autumn Semester
  • Tutor, EU Law 2018/19 Spring Semester
  • Speaker, Marco Biagi Conference - March 2019. Paper, 'Addressing challenges to industrial relations in South Asia's Garment Industry: EU and ILO Influence'.



University email address:


Linkedin: Katrina Peake


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