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Name: Ivan Tekic

PhD: Historical Geography; Environmental history

Thesis Title: Critical environmental history and cultural geography of the woodlands of coastal Dalmatia, Croatia

Thesis Description:

My PhD will examine critically the main processes which have led to the transformation of the Mediterranean cultural landscape of Dalmatia over the last 200 years. It will focus on the decline of the traditional oak woodland and place this change in the context of afforestation change, land abandonment, industrialisation and tourism. Many Mediterranean landscapes have been characterized by land abandonment, the spread of semi-natural woodland and afforestation since c1950. This new woodland has replaced wood pastures and the environmental implications of this change have been the subject of much research (Grove and Rackham 2001; Kirby and Watkins 1998, 2015; Watkins 2014). But there has been very little research on the historical geography and environmental history of Dalmatian woodlands.

The aim of the PhD is to study the history of Dalmatian coastal woodlands and show how the knowledge gained can be used to manage a complex cultural landscape. The main objectives are to answer five research questions. 1) What was the traditional pattern of land use in the study area and how were the different species of tree used? 2) How and when did these traditional practices decline and what were the underlying cultural factors? 3) What were the reasons for afforestation by Aleppo pine and how did these change with the political upheavals of the C20th? 4) What are the landscape conservation and environmental implications of the current spread of Aleppo pine by natural regeneration? 5) How does an understanding of the cultural landscape and environmental history of this area assist current management plans? This project will have a significant impact on local people, land managers and landscapes. The results will be informed by the opinions of local residents, foresters and conservationists and be presented at a local seminar. The results will make a significant contribution the conservation of vulnerable Mediterranean cultural landscapes (European Landscape Convention, 2000).



Supervisors and Institution(s): 

Charles Watkins, University of Nottingham

Georgina Endfield, University of Nottingham

Publications (please include full details with page nos. or web links):


Other Research Interests:

  • Theory of Geography, International relations and geopolitics





University email address:





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