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Name: Kimberley Jayne Pullen

PhD: Local History (University of Leicester)

Thesis Title: The Old Poor Law, Enclosures and Social Change in Leicestershire and Rutland, c.1700 - 1834


Thesis Description:

My research is a local study examining the impact of enclosures and social change on the Old Poor Law in the period 1700-1834. By social change I refer to the socio-economic developments that characterised this period, including demographic growth, agrarian change, the expansion of industry and the growth of towns. I am interested in how enclosures were related to these other developments: for example, how far did enclosures cause depopulation in rural villages, thereby contributing to urbanisation? By looking at two rural counties, where enclosures were particularly intense, I can assess the relationship between enclosures and other rural changes, in particular the expansion of frame-work knitting in Leicestershire. My key aim is to assess how far enclosures, entwined with these other developments, contributed to the major socio-economic changes of this period that led to the decline of the Old Poor Law and the emergence of a new system of welfare.


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 Professor Keith Snell

Professor Roey Sweet

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