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Name: Jay Emery

PhD: Human Geography

Thesis Title: Assemblages of working-class belongings: Geographies of affect and temporality

Situated in cultural and historical geography, my research interests are in the affective and temporal assemblages of belonging among working-class populations (Walkerdine and Jiminez, 2012; Walkerdine, 2015; Hill, 2015; Mah, 2014; Jones and Garde Hansen, 2011). To these ends, I am interested in methodological experimentation and innovative approaches that enrich established qualitative methods through geographical imaginations, embodiment and reflexivity (Robyn, Lloyd and Suchet Pearson, 2016; McGeachan, 2016; Edensor, 2007). Encompassing these interests my doctoral research investigates the affective dimensions of various temporalities and how these intertwined processes intervene in and shape the experience of classed senses of belonging in post-industrial spaces . Using Ben Anderson’s (2014) ‘analytics of affect’ as a theoretical framework, the research examines how the affective past lives in the present through socially classed bodies, materialities, politics and atmospheres in the Nottinghamshire coalfield, UK (Emery, 2017). Specific focus is on formations of belonging – conceived as an affective assemblage of emotional attachments to spaces and times – and the impact industrialism, deindustrialisation, the 1984 – 85 Miners’ Strike and postindustrial has had on these forms of belonging (Antonsich, 2010; Mee and Wright, 2009).


Supervisors and Institution(s): Dr Katy Bennett (UoL: Geography), Prof. Keith Snell (UoL: History), Prof. Simon Gunn (UoL: History) and Prof. John Martin (DMU: History)


Publications (please include full details with page nos. or web links):


Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:

year: 2017

  • That once romantic now utterly disheartening (former) colliery town: Temporalities, Place, Class and Affect in Mansfield, UK’, Research Committee 21, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, September 2017. Attendance funded by AHRC.
  • ‘Temporalities and Affect: The affective lives and politics of the British working class’, RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2017, London, UK, September 2017. Attendance funded by AHRC.
  • ‘Geographies of De-industrialization: Memory and Affect in the British Coalfields’, American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting 2017, Boston, USA, April 2017. Attendance funded by AHRC.

year: 2016

  • Presentation of work-in-progress to Critical and Creative Geographies Research Group, University of Leicester, 2016.
  • Royal Geographical Society - Institute of British Geographers, Post-Graduate Forum, Mid-Term Conference (Newcastle). Paper Delivered: Changing Formations of Class, Community and Place in the Nottinghamshire Coalfield, c. 1960s to present.


Other Research Interests:

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Twitter: @GeogForthcoming

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