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Name: James Opstad

PhD: Musical Composition

Thesis Title: A new kind of score: rethinking the relationship between composer, performer and technology


Thesis Description:

In this practice-based research I am developing new tablet-based score-reading technologies and utilising these in my compositional work. In recent years, the tablet computer has become increasingly prevalent on the concert stage. Many musicians are now using score-reading applications as a convenient replacement for sheet music, much as e-readers have become a popular substitute for books. Despite this widespread adoption, the performer’s relationship with the score has remained much the same. My research focuses on the new compositional possibilities afforded by further technological development in this area. 


Supervisors and Institution(s): 

Scott Wilson (University of Birmingham)

Howard Skempton (Birmingham City University)

Xenia Pestova (University of Nottingham)



BMus (Hons) First Class, Royal Academy of Music

MA by Research, University of Birmingham


Performance Experience

duck-rabbit (

Apartment House

An Assembly

Fugata Quintet


Performances in UK, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Romania and Abu Dhabi

Live broadcasts on BBC Radio 3 In Tune and BBC Radio 3 World On 3



University email address:

Twitter: @james_opstad

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