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Name: Harriet Walters (Hattie)

PhD: English Literature 

Thesis Title: Et in Arcadia Ego: The Garden, Modernist Pastoral, and Twentieth-Century Cultural Memorization

In my PhD I am studying the interrelations between modernism and horticultural design in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with particular interest in seasonal temporalities, memory, and modernist pastoralisms. Aside from all things modernism-based, I have a particular fondness for Bloomsburying-up furniturevegetables, and old episodes of Charmed.  

Supervisors and Institution(s): 

Alexandra Harris - University of Birmingham

Deborah Longworth - University of Birmingham

Dominic Head - University of Nottingham

Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:

year: 2018-2019

  • Editorial Assistant at BRANCH (Britain, Representation and Nineteenth-Century History)
  • Assistant for Pre-Raphaelites Online (PRO)
  • Founder and Organiser of Pastoral Modernisms, a new monthly reading group and research network at the University of Birmingham. (
  • Founder of new UoB PGR Book Club - for PGRs who spend all their time reading, but never get the chance to read for fun!
  • Committee Member for the Modern and Contemporary Forum, Birmingham. 
  • Lead funding applicant and Organiser of EDACS Postgraduate Seminars at the University of Birmingham (, running social media sites and planning and chairing the following sessions:
    - Actually Writing Your Thesis with a talk led by Dr Tom Cobb, 17/01/2019
    - Introductory session and joint meet and greet with Ad Alta journal, 10/10/2018 
    - Critical Theory Lucky Dip and research methodology session, focusing on the methodological processes implied in reading theories alongside texts, appropriate theoretical framing, and what it means to read one text in the light of another. 24/10/2018
    -Location-based Methodologies session, discussing Birmingham-based schools including the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, the Birmingham Set, and the concept of the 'exhibition as discursive space', 08/11/2018 
    -Historiographical Approaches Session, reading varied critical approaches to historical narrative, 12/11/2018
    - Joint session with the Birmingham Modern and Contemporary Forum, leading a discussion on Yopie Prins' Victorian Sappho (1999) after the MAC December Forum talks, 05/12/2018 (
  • First Year PhD rep for school of EDACS (English, Drama, American and Canadian Studies) at UoB
  • Central Online Victorian Editor (COVE) Editorial Assistant (, working on the html markup of open-access literature to COVE in a way that appropriately represents the semantic makeup of the original text. 


  • Postgraduate Taught Research Scholarship at the Nineteenth-Century Centre,The University of Birmingham  (19cc) ( (2017), assisting with the web design and launch of the Nineteenth-Century Centre at the University of Birmingham 
  • Assisted Dr Rebecca Mitchell in the copy-editing of a new textual edition of Oscar Wilde's The Decay of Lying. I am acknowledged in Rebecca N. Mitchell and Joseph Bristow's 'Oscar Wilde’s ‘cultivated blindness’: Reassessing the Textual and Intellectual History of ‘The Decay of Lying’, The Review of English Studies, New Series, 1-63
  • Co-organiser of EDACS Postgraudate Seminars
  • Student Experience Ambassador for the School of Philosophy
  • Attended the 2016 conference for the British Society of Literature and Science (BSLS)
  • Student Mentor in School of Philosophy
  • Library Assistant at the University of Birmingham
  • Undergraduate Taught Research Scholarship with the School of Philosophy, University of Birmingham (2015), focusing on time travel and causality. See for a summary of my activities. Some of my research on the Grandfather Paradox in fiction was useful for Dr Nikk Effingham's upcoming book. 


Research Centres/ Groups Affiliated with:

  • Centre for Modernist Cultures, Birmingham
  • Nineteenth-Century Centre, Birmingham 

Other Research Interests:

  • Modernism and its many intersections! 
  • Queer Theory
  • the long 19c
  • Literature and science 
  • Literature and mathematics &/ formal logic
  • Literature and architecture (in particular the Gothic revival)
  • Phenomenology
  • Critical theory
  • Approaches to space, place, time and representation.



University email address: <

Twitter: @HattieWalters94 

Pastoral Modernisms: @PastoralModerns;

Pre-Raphaelites Online:



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