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Name: Gemma Jennings

PhD: History

Thesis Title: Patriarchy and Poverty?  A Transnational Analysis of the Social Implications of the Oil Industry

Thesis Description:

My research examines the impacts of the oil industry on gender relations and social structures, adopting a transnational approach focused on Algerian oil, tracing the impacts of this sector through space. The study will explore the social implications of the extraction, processing and transport of oil, extending the geographical framework of current study to consider the Algerian oil industry. The thesis will analyse the new cultural and economic constellations and linkages created by oil, exploring how these mapped on to existing structures, and how they created new spatial frameworks. 

Supervisors and Institution(s): 

Professor Corey Ross- University of Birmingham

Dr Simon Jackson- University of Birmingham


‘Oil Imperialism? Energy and Political Power from a Global Perspective’ (conference report)

Conference Papers


'A land of minerals’: Constructs of French Coloniality in the Algerian Sahara, 1956-1962 (Calouste Gulbenkien Foundation, January 2019)


‘Solidarity in the struggle against colonialism, neo-colonialism and imperialism’: Labour activism and the Algerian independence movement (Paris 3, Sorbonne Nouvelle University, November 2019)

'Oil, Identity and Inequality: The Algerian Experience 1956-2014’, European Social Science History Conference 2018 (Queens University Belfast, April 2018) 


'Oil and the Expression of Statehood', Break-up: Separations, Estrangements and Disjunctions Conference (Sheffield Hallam University, June 2017)

'Engendering Inequality? Oil and the Development of Gender Roles', Roles Annual Conference (University of Birmingham, May 2017)

Oil Imperialism? Hydrocarbons and the Development of Franco-Algerian Relations, 1962-2002’, Postcolonialism in Interdisciplinary Perspective (University of Birmingham, May 2017)

Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:

'Oil Fields and Desert Cities: Migratory Labour in the Algerian Sahara’, Modern and Contemporary Forum on Migration (University of Birmingham, May 2018) 

Committee member and Publicity Officer Modern and Contemporary Forum

Steering Committee Postcolonialism in Interdisciplinary Perspective

Member of the American Institute for Magrib Studies

Other Research Interests:

  • History of gender and sexuality
  • Colonial History
  • Postcolonial History
  • Energy History
  • Transnational History



University email address:




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