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Name: Anneliese Hatton

PhD: Portuguese and Lusophone Studies (University of Nottingham)

Thesis Title: Images of the subaltern: representations of contemporary Portugal in the novels of valter hugo mãe


Thesis Description:

My thesis will examine how Portuguese literary representations have dramatically altered since the Revolution of 1974. Until this point, literary discourse had predominantly been preoccupied by images that portrayed Portugal as an imperial, and consequently powerful, nation. However its current socio-economic global position has necessitated a reappraisal of this imagery, within literature and other arenas, leading to an emerging post-national debate on Portuguese identity. Within his novels, valter hugo mãe examines characters and images that represent this new literary discourse, which has changed to such an extent that Portuguese identity can be considered to have acquired aspects of subaltern identity.


Supervisors: Dr Mark JL Sabine (University of Nottingham), Dr Álvaro J Vidal Bouzon (University of Nottingham)




  • Children in literature: the voice of the subaltern?
    Published in UCS online journal, Childhood Remixed                                                                    2016




  • ‘The Formation of a Nation? The Role of Nineteenth Century Intellectuals in the Construction of Contemporary Portuguese Identity Discourse’
    Published in peer-reviewed journal, Volume V of Birmingham Journal of Languages and Literature                                                                                                                                                                  2014


  • ‘Portugal – the eternal other? Portuguese national identity as constructed by its altered global relationships’
    Conference proceedings, published in It’s not all black and white: Perspectives on otherness                                                                                                                                                                  2014


  • ‘“Portugal, head of Europe” – questions surrounding the adoption of a European identity by Portugal’
    Conference proceedings                                             2015 

Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:


  • '‘Eu vou ser santo’: The subversion of childhood mysticism in contemporary Portuguese literature.' Paper given at Transverberations, University of Manchester, February                                                
  • 'Nocturnal activities through the ages: representations of young and old in the novels of valter hugo mãe.' Paper given at NICA Winter School, 'Night Cultures: (il)legalities and the politics of life after dark', University of Leiden, January
  • 'The everyday absurd in the contos of Mário de Carvalho.'Paper given at concluding Conference of CCST Project, University of Birmingham, December

  • 'Multiple femininities: the representation of maria da graça in o apocalipse dos trabalhadores.' Paper given at XVI WISPS Conference, University of Warwick, November                    

  • 'The power of the feminine? valter hugo mãe’s representation of women in o remorso de baltazar serapião.' Paper given at ABIL Conference, University of Exeter, September                                            

  • ‘Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God’ – representations of childhood religiosity in valter hugo mãe’s o nosso reino.' Paper given at the 17th Annual Conference of the English Department, University of Bucharest, Literature and Cultural Studies Section, 4-6 June.

  • 'Overcoming the insuperable – strategies of representing the subaltern.' Paper to given at Beyond Speech: Silence and the Unspeakable across Cultures, University of Manchester, 8 May.

  • 'Who will save Portugal? The advertising campaigns of Licor Beirão in the wake of the Portuguese economic crisis.' Paper given at CLAS Graduate Symposium, University of Nottingham, April                



  • ‘Portugal: a state of subalternity?. Paper given at XV Annual WISPS (Women in Spanish and Portuguese Studies) Conference at University College Cork, 7-8 November 2014. 
  • ‘The deconstruction of the epic hero in in Mário de Carvalho’s Fantasia para dois coronéis e uma piscina.’ Paper given at AHGBI Conference, National University of Ireland, 14-16 April.

  • ‘”Portugal, head of Europe” – questions surrounding the adoption of a European identity by Portugal.’ Paper given at GCfE 8th Annual Conference, “’Travelling Europe’: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Place and Space”, University of Birmingham, 26-27 March 2014.

  • ‘The deconstruction of Portuguese imagologia in Mário de Carvalho’s Fantasia para dois coronéis e uma piscina.’ Paper given at 4th Graduate Conference in Culture Studies, “Irony – framing (post)modernity”, Catholic University of Portugal, 23-24 January 2014.


  • ‘Portugal – the eternal other? Portuguese national identity as constructed by its altered global relationships.’ Paper given at 2nd International Interdisciplinary Student Conference: “The Other: It’s not all black and white”, University of Ljubljana, 14-16 November 2013.

  • ‘The invention of tradition? The representation of Portuguese imagology in Mário de Carvalho’s Fantasia para dois Coronéis e uma Piscina.’ Paper given at XIV Annual WISPS Conference, University of Liverpool, 8-9 November 2013.

  • ‘Portugalidade como dualidade – The “Janus-faced” nature of Portuguese National Identity.’ Paper given at ‘Assembling Identities’: Postgraduate/Early-Career Researcher Conference, University of Glasgow, 23-24 May 2013.


Other Research Interests:

  • Portuguese literature and culture
  • National identity
  • Post-nationalism and postcolonialism
  • Brazilian and Lusophone literature and culture
  • Portuguese, Brazilian and Lusophone history



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