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Name: Michael Bullock

PhD: Theology and Religious Studies

Thesis Title: The Ger.


Thesis Description:

Where current research into the ger has often focused on examining their legal position and their presentation in legal texts, this thesis shines new light on the ger by studying it primarily through the lens of the narrative accounts in Genesis. By doing so, it finds a commonality of experience in what it means to be a ger: to flee from a threat to life. The legal texts are then re-examined in light of this new understanding and a more precise translation of the term offered.


Supervisors and Institution(s): Dr Carly Crouch, University of Nottingham; Prof. Charlotte Hempel, University of Birmingham

Scholarships, Grants and Awards:

  • Conference Funding for "Categories and Boundaries in Second Temple Jewish Literature" (co-applicant), 2019.
  • Jeff Randall Postgraduate Scholarship in Jewish Studies (£2000), 2019-2020.
  • Conference Funding for "Borders and Boundaries in Ancient Israel" (£7810; co-applicant), 2017.
  • M3C Doctoral Studentship, 2017-20.
  • M3C MA by Research Studentship, 2016-17.
  • The Memorial Scholarship (£1250) , 2016-17.
  • Ed Ball Prize for Best Dissertation in Biblical Studies (£100), 2016.


Conference Papers and Presentations:

  • Nationality and the Ger: Liminal Existence or New Identity? Tyndale Fellowship Conference, June/July 2020.
  • Seekers of Refuge: How Deuteronomy Frames the 'ger'. SBL/AAR Annual Meeting, San Diego, November 2019.
  • Deuteronomy and the ger. Fuller Theological Seminary Doctoral Colloquium, November 2019.
  • גרים: A People on the Boundaries? Borders and Boundaries in Ancient Israel: Territory, Nationality and Identity, June 2018.
  • The גר as Refugee. Nottingham Biblical Seminar, May 2017.

Conference Organisation

  • Co-organiser of "Categories and Boundaries in Second Temple Jewish Literature," July 2020.
  • Co-organiser of "Borders and Boundaries in Ancient Israel: Territory, Nationality and Identity", June 2018. (Funding raised: £7810)


Teaching Positions

  • Teaching Associate: Intermediate Hebrew (2019-2020) - Preparing module, leading lectures, marking exams and coursework.
  • Teaching Associate: Introduction to Judaism (2018-2019) - Preparing and leading seminars.
  • Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (2017-2018) - Marking in-class tests.

Other Research Interests:

  • The hardening of Pharaoh's heart in Exodus.
  • The ability/inability to respond (esp. in the "hardened heart" motif and in the parables of Jesus).


University email address:

Twitter: @MBullock92

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