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Name: Michael Bullock

PhD: Theology and Religious Studies

Thesis Title: Strangers, Foreigners and Outsiders: An Analysis of Attitudes toward 'the Other' in the Hebrew Bible


Thesis Description:

Following on from a paper arguing for understanding the Hebrew word גֵר (ger) as refugee, this thesis will analyse the semantic field of foreignness and strangeness within the Hebrew Bible in order to discover the nuance between various Hebrew terms which are often translated interchangably in English.


Supervisors and Institution(s): Dr Carly Crouch, University of Nottingham; Prof. Charlotte Hempel, University of Birmingham

Scholarships, Grants and Awards:

  • Conference Funding for Borders and Boundaries in Ancient Israel (£7810; co-applicant), 2017.
  • M3C Doctoral Studentship, 2017-20.
  • M3C MA by Research Studentship, 2016-17.
  • The Memorial Scholarship (£1250) , 2016-17.
  • Ed Ball Prize for Best Dissertation in Biblical Studies (£100), 2016.


Conference Papers and Presentations:

  • גרים: A People on the Boundaries? Borders and Boundaries in Ancient Israel: Territory, Nationality and Identity, June 2018.
  • The גר as Refugee. Nottingham Biblical Seminar, May 2017.

Conference Organisation

  • Co-organizer of Borders and Boundaries in Ancient Israel: Territory, Nationality and Identity, June 2018. (Funding raised: £7810)

Other Research Interests:

  • Biblical translation (Greek and Hebrew).
  • Ambiguous identities in the Hebrew Bible.
  • The hardening of Pharaoh's heart in Exodus.
  • The ability/inability to respond (esp. in the "hardened heart" motif and in the parables of Jesus).


University email address:

Twitter: @MBullock92

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