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Name: Lorna Kirkby

PhD: Portuguese and Lusophone Studies

Thesis Title: The sexed and desiring female body in Portuguese women's writing 1961-2010.


Thesis Description:

I am currently studying for a PhD in Portuguese and Lusophone studies at the University of Nottingham under the supervision of Dr Mark Sabine, Dr Rui Miranda and Professor Judith Still. My principal research area is Portuguese women's writing (especially poetry) of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century and for my PhD project I will analyse the role and representation of the sexed and desiring female body in Portuguese women's writing. The time period chosen allows me to analyse the effects of social and political change to perceptions of the female body in Portugal, and to the literary responses of Portuguese women writers. My approach will tend towards a discursive and textual approach so as to prevent a purely historico-political approach to women's writing. French poststructuralist feminism in particular will heavily influence my critical approach given the emphasis on discourse.


Supervisors and Institution(s): I am completing my PhD under the supervision of Dr Rui Miranda, Dr Mark Sabine and Professor Judith Still at the University of Nottingham.


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Other Research Interests:

  • Gender Studies and Queer theory


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