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Name: Keisha Bruce

PhD: Black Studies

University email address:

Twitter: @keishastweets


About Me: I completed my BA in English and American Literature at the University of Birmingham (2013-2016) where I focused predominantly on 20th Century African-American literature and music. I completed an MA in American Studies at the University of Nottingham where my dissertation examined Black Feminism in pop-culture and on the Internet (2016-2017). After taking a year out to mentor and teach in a sixth form college, I was awarded Midlands4Cities funding and returned to Nottingham to progress onto my PhD in Black Studies. 


(Working) Thesis Title: TBC  

Thesis Description:

My research offers a transatlantic study of digital Blackness. My key objective is to expand discussions of digital Blackness to locate a version that is collectively constructed, negotiated and exchanged across the Atlantic using social media. By analysing moments of Black women’s encounter across social media using visual and discourse analysis, I will examine how a digital Black diasporic consciousness is imagined, negotiated and policed across transatlantic borders. My research is located at the intersection of Black diaspora studies, cultural studies and digital humanities.


Supervisors and Institution(s):

Dr Karen Salt (University of Nottingham)

Dr Jennifer Birks (University of Nottingham)


Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:

Conference Papers:


  • (Upcoming) “Spatialized Digital Blackness: Place, Storytelling and Diasporic Identities on YouTube” panelist and session organiser of the panel “Navigating Transnational Digital Blackness: Networked Publics and Decolonized Ethnographic Approaches”. American Studies Association, Honolulu Convention Centre, United States. (November 2019). Funded by M3C, SDF. 

  •  "Where the Diaspora Meets: Digital Encounters, Shared Autobiographies and Cecile Emeke's Strolling (2014)." Afroeuropeans Network. Lisbon, Portugal. (July 2019). Funded by M3C, SDF.
  • “Keyword: Blackness” panelist for Definitions Towards Solidarity: BAME Americanists in the UK and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (Targeted Research Panel). British Association of American Studies, University of Sussex. (April 2019). Funded by BAAS.


  • ‘Dissecting the Core Strategies of Millennial Black Feminism’. Sexuality and Gender 8th Annual Conference, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, U.K. (June 8 2018).
  • 'Reclaiming African Heritages and Cultures within Millennial Black Feminist Texts’. Women of the Global South and its Diasporas: Rights, Representation, Activism, University of Leeds, Leeds, U.K. (June 5 2018). Funded by symposium bursary. 

Research Placements: 


  • Oral History Researcher at Nottingham Black Archives working on the "When We Worked At Raleigh" project. (Midlands3Cities-funded Placement)

Scholarly Engagement::

Awards, Grants and Scholarships:

  • Cohort Development Fund, M4C, awarded £3,000 grant to run Anticipating Black Futures Symposium



American Studies Association

British Association of American Studies


Other Research Interests:

  • Black Feminism, Womanhood and Girlhood
  • Black Pop-Culture 
  • Media and the Internet
  • 20th & 21st Century African-American Literature
  • African-American History