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Name: Alessandra Pegurri

PhD: Archaeology

Thesis Title: "A City in Transition? Exploiting Common Wares to Question Socio-Cultural and Economic Change in Late Antique Rome."


Thesis Description:

Rome between AD 250-500 was a city in transition: an altered Empire with progressive losses in the 5th century which saw major changes in demographic and economic profile. While much debated via text and monuments (loss of classical ones; rise of churches) and through charting changes in international traffic (fine ware ceramics, wine and olive), older studies fail to engage with the ‘ordinary’ material culture to see how far changes are reflected in the everyday. This project therefore investigates the much neglected data offered by common wares - ceramics for household storage and serving - to question material changes and responses. Recent finds from excavations in Rome enable a major survey of this material. My study will generate a chrono-typology, analyses of technological and functional aspects, and detailed assessment of usage across time in diverse social contexts, to question key cultural and socio-economic facets, such as eating habits, attitudes, access, and affordability.


Supervisors and Institution(s): Prof. Penelope M. Allison (Supervisor); Prof. Neil J. Christie (Co-supervisor)


Publications (please include full details with page nos. or web links):

  • V. Mantovani, A. Pegurri 2018, “Terra sigillata nord-italica decorate a matrice: analisi preliminare dei materiali di Boschirole (Gazzo Verronese-VR).”, in RCRF Acta45, pp. 341-354.
  • M. Casalini, A. Pegurri, C. Capelli 2018, “Keay 3/5: attestazioni a Roma in età tardoantica.” in RCRF Acta45, pp. 251-260. 


 Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:

year: 2017

  • Graduate School of Archaeological Heritage cum laude - "La Sapienza" University of Rome 

year: 2013

  • MA Archaeology cum laude (classics curriculum) - "La Sapienza" University of Rome 

year: 2010

  • BA Science of Cultural Heritage (archaeological curriculum) - Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University of Milan

Other Research Interests:

  • Roman Material Culture, Late Antiquity, ancient household activities, Late Antique eating habits, 




University email address:

LinkedIn: <add URL>

Twitter: <add URL>

Other Social Media: <add URL>

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