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Name: Timothy McManus

PhD: History, Heresy, Law

Thesis Title: The construction of individual religious criminality in southern France: heresy, the Albigensian Crusade (1209-29), and beyond. 


Thesis Description: This work will track the process by which heresy came to be understood by the Papacy, and how through dealing with heresy the church began slowly to recognise the individual criminality of those found guilty of heresy. In narrative terms this broadly maps the transition from crusade to inquisition. Of far greater importance, however, which the simple sentence above cannot encapsulate, was a process in which the construct of an individual who alone was responsible for their actions in cannon law came to be the basis for the war against heresy. 


Supervisors and Institution(s): Dr. Claire Taylor and Dr. Ross Balzaretti, University of Nottingham History Department 


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