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Name: Ella Wydrzynska

PhD: English

Thesis Title: Making Non-Readers Read: using stylistic analyses to explore the literary engagement of low-attainers in Key Stage 3.


Thesis Description:

My thesis considers the language of children's fiction, an area of literature that has historically been dismissed as too easy, or beneath the intellectual value of serious academics. However, in reality children's fiction is rife with linguistic and structural complexity, and I have previously examined the works of Pseudonymous Bosch to highlight this point (at UG and MA level). I now intend to build on my existing research, applying stylistic analyses to a much wider range of texts aimed at children aged 7-12 (Junior Fiction/Younger Readers). These I shall compare against material commonly used to satisfy the National Curriculum and, in conjunction with empirical research involving student interviews, I aim to establish whether there is enough stylistic complexity in popular children's fiction to warrant it being used in the classroom to help engage low-attaining students.


Supervisors and Institution(s): 

Dr Violeta Sotirova (University of Nottingham)

Prof. Peter Stockwell (University of Nottingham) 





University email address:

Twitter: @EllaWyd96


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