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Name: Lindsey Annable

Thesis Title: The Appropriation of Pompeian Wall Painting in Eighteenth-Century Britain.


Thesis Description: 

Following the rediscovery of the ancient Roman town of Pompeii in 1748, a preference for including appropriated Pompeian wall painting in the interior design of domestic spaces began in Britain. My thesis examines the practice in British properties from c.1750, when motifs uncovered at the Villa of Cicero were appropriated in wall and ceiling decoration alongside references to Greek, Roman, and Renaissance sources. From the mid-nineteenth century, supposed complete 'reconstructions' of original Pompeian wall decoration or 'Pompeian Rooms' appear in the homes of the British elite, before proliferating across Europe. Properties comprising references to Pompeian wall painting in their interior decoration include Spencer House, Syon House and Osterley House in London; Packington Hall, Warwickshire, Hinxton Hall, Cambridge, Buckingham Palace, London and Ickworth House, Suffolk. My research also explores the commissioners and designers of Pompeian-style interior design schemes, and their experiences of visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum on the Grand Tour. 


Supervisors and Institution(s):

Ross Balzaretti (University of Nottingham)

Penelope Allison (University of Leicester)



‘The Power of Images in the Age of Augustus: Paul Zanker and the Relationship between Roman Visual Culture and Roman History’, The Midlands Historical Review, January 2018.



'Encouraging Deep Learning with Activities Linked to Assessment', report for the Associate Teachers Programme, January 2019. Pass with commendation.

'An Acquired Taste: The "Pompeian Style" and Eighteenth Century British Interior Design', poster presentation at the M3C Research Festival, 24th May 2018. 

‘Pompeii: A City Frozen in Time’, paper given at Nottingham High School, 15th February 2018.

‘(re)Painting Pompeii: Lawrence Alma-Tadema and Pompeian Wall Painting’, paper given at the University of Nottingham Oistroi conference, 13th December 2017.

'Think Ontologically' CDF, paper given at the M3C Welcome Event, September 2017.

‘Think Ontologically: An Introduction to the Use of Ontologies in Digital Humanities and Archaeology’, conference and workshop, 9th June 2017, The University of Leicester, organised as a Midlands3Cities CDF jointly between the University of Nottingham and the University of Leicester. Role: co-organiser.

‘The Reception and Appropriation of Pompeian Wall   Painting in British Properties c. 1750-1880’, paper for the Midlands3Cities Research Festival, 25th May 2017.

 ‘A Revolution in Taste: The Reception and Appropriation of Pompeian Wall Painting at Spencer House, London’, paper given at the University of Nottingham Oistroi conference, 1st February 2017.

'Representations of the Sacrifice of Iphigenia in Ancient Art', paper given at the University of Nottingham conference "Sacrificing Iphigenia through the Ages", 29th-30th January 2016.



February 2018-February 2019     Associate Teachers Programme, University of Nottingham. Pass with commendation.

Q81ART: Interpreting Ancient Art.

Q83POM: Pompeii: Art and Culture in a Roman Town.                           

KS4: Quarrydale Academy, Sutton-in-Ashfield.

KS4: Heanor Gate Science College, Derbyshire.

KS5: The West Bridgford School, Nottingham.



July 2016-July 2017               Nottingham Lakeside Museum: Collections Volunteer    

September 2015-July 2016    The Digital Humanities Centre: Research Associate        


Other Research Interests:

  • The Grand Tour
  • Roman History
  • Eighteenth Century British History
  • Architecture
  • Digital Humanities
  • Widening Participation





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