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Name: Ayesha Taylor-Camara

PhD: Film and Television

I studied Film and Television at the University of Nottingham (2013-2016) for my undergraduate and went on to complete an MA in Film, Television and Screen Industries, also at the University of Nottingham (2016-2017). I was awarded AHRC Midlands3Cities funding to undertake my PhD at the University of Nottingham, commencing in September 2017. 


Thesis Title: From citizen to data provider - UK public service broadcasting in the digital economy

Thesis Description:

My reseach explores the implications of big data and algorithms on public service broadcasting in the UK. It looks into the technical, industrial, regulatory, legal, economic and social conditions contributing to the data infrastructures employed by UK public service broadcasters. It asks what it means to be a public service broadcaster in the age of big data, what role public service broadcasters serve for the audience questioning whether as public service broadcasters, the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 can continue to serve the ‘public’ in a predominately commercial data-driven digital media economy.

This research aims to shift the current focus on the insights, information and knowledge that can be extracted from big data analysis to shine a spotlight on the technical, industrial, regulatory and legal demands thrusted upon its use. 


Supervisors and Institution(s): 

Dr Catherine Johnson - University of Nottingham

Prof Roberta Pearson - University of Nottingham

Other Research Interests:

  • Audience Research, Public Service Broadcasting, Digital Media Economy, Big Data, Algorithms, VOD, Online TV


University email address:


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