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Name: Laura Parsons

PhD: Business and Law

Thesis Title: Valuating the Hidden: Documenting and Measuring Cultural Value in the City of Leicester


Thesis Description:

This 3-year project works with De Montfort University and Leicester City Council to advance the work of Leicester’s new Cultural Ambition Panel, and to lead the way in developing more nuanced measurement tools for capturing and valuating culture in the arts and humanities. 

The City’s unique position as a ‘minority majority’ city, one of the most diverse in the UK outside London, also brings with it many opportunities for observing different cultures in practice. Using Leicester as a cultural laboratory, and working with Leicester City Council’s Cultural Ambition Panel and Culture Directorate to learn more about the rich cultural traditions and ambitions of the city, and with De Montfort University’s Creative and Cultural Industries Group, the research will develop innovative methods for documenting and measuring value in diverse forms. 


Supervisors and Institution(s): Dr Rachel Granger, De Montfort University




Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:


Other Research Interests:

  • Multi-disciplinary practices
  • Creative and cultural industries employment practices
  • The effects of austerity policy on the creative and cultural industries 
  • Arts and cultural regeneration, and the role of creative industries in regional development
  • The role of HEIs in creative economies
  • Aligning cultural policy with education, employment and welfare policy.
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