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Name: Kieran Foster

PhD: Film

Thesis Title: Unseen Horror: The Unmade Films of Hammer


Thesis Description:

My thesis will utilise the archival materials available exclusively at De Montfort University’s Hammer Script Archive in order to examine the projects of the British film production company Hammer Films, which were initially developed but never put on screen. The project will primarily utilise works in adaptation studies, lost or unmade films and screenplay studies in order to situate these unmade works in the context of Hammer's filmography, as well as British cinema more generally. A detailed knowledge of Hammer's production methods at the time will also be fundamental to the project, as well as the utilisation of other archival materials such as posters, production booklets and press books.


Supervisors and Institution(s): Ian Hunter -      De Montfort University

                                                     Steve Chibnall-  De Montfort University 

                                                     Matthew Jones- De Montfort University 


Scholarly / Public Engagement Activities:


June 2015: Schema and Revision in Hammer Films. Paper presented at Hammer Films Productions: A Laboratory for Modern Horror. Paris, France.  


May 2016: Dracula Unseen: The Unmade Films of Hammer. Paper presented at Vampire Festival Conference Academic Symposium. Sighisoara, Romania. 


June 2016: Unseen Horrors: Hammer's Unmade Films. Paper Presented at Production Studies Postgraduate Conference. De Montfort University, Leicester. 


July 2016:  Dracula Unseen: The Unmade Films of Hammer. Paper presented at Global Fantastika Conference. Lancaster University, Lancaster.


July 2016: Dracula Unseen: The Unmade Films of Hammer. Paper presented at Centre of Adaptations and Textual Studies Postgraduate conference. De Montfort University, Leicester.


Other Research Interests:

  • Adaptation Studies
  • Screenplay Studies
  • Lost/Unmade Film
  • Poetics in Cinema.
  • History of British Cinema 


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