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Relational Aesthetics of Photographic Production: Why material practices matter 


Practice-led PhD in Posthuman Photography 

Nottingham Trent University

Prof Emma Cocker (Director of Studies) 

Prof Tom Fisher (Co-supervisor)

Dr Katja Hock (2nd co-supervisor)


The core of my art practice—researching ‘praxis‘ in real-world settings—informs my practice-led PhD, which concerns production aesthetics in the now of photographic practice.  Guided by the question of ‚What is fabricated in photographic production other than the photograph?', I aim to contribute to the debate on so-called ‘Posthuman PhotographyThe research addresses the interactive and networked nature of technologies, materials and practices in shaping the meaning and aesthetics of ‘doing and making’ in photography, investigating areas of photographic production that are hidden and marginalised. 

To date, I have collaborated with photographic labs such as Bayeux London, Photo Parlour Nottingham and Fuji- Film Tilburg, NL.

This research addresses questions of research-as-practice, non-human photography and sensuousness at a cross- cultural level in the now of contemporary photographies.

Having pursued Communication Studies (BA, HTW Berlin & Deakin University, Melbourne) and Photographic Studies (MA, University of Westminster, London), I have been working at the intersection of art and research ever since. Besides residencies in New York, Berlin, Paris and Seoul, my work has been exhibited and published internationally with group and solo shows in the UK, US, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. I was awarded the prestigious Attenborough Prize 2015.


Studium Soft Matter, Research Residency, Polaroid Originals, Enschede, NL
It slips'Back to Base’, Free and Easy Film, Primary Gallery, Nottingham
Research Matters, Poster presentation, New Art Exchange, Nottingham
Studium Chromira, Research Residency, Bayeux, London 
Off Screen, Fishbowl, Bonnington Studios, NTU, Nottingham
Collective action: Visual Thinking with photographs, Cracking the Established Order‘ conference, DeMontford University Leicester 
Material TIFFS, AHRC-Midlands-4-Cities Research Fest, Maple House, Birmingham
Soft Matter Research Lab, Kick-off event, B131, NTU Nottingham

Tearing Paper, Black Box, Summer Lodge, NTU
Summer Lodge 2018Research Residency within Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University

We see views painted in black and white, YIA Art Fair Basel, CH
Photo Flesh, Terrault Contemporary, Baltimore, U.S. 
Pulpa, R K Burt Gallery, London 
Happy to be here, Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester 
Meaning-Making and Photography: A material performance of non-objects, Conference
presentation at Helsinki Photomedia 2016, Aalto University School of Arts and Design 
Point of no return, RBSA Gallery, Birmingham 
White Paper, Blue Light, Solo show, LCB Depot Leicester 
Failure and Photographic Praxis, Artist Talk, LCB Depot Leicester
Artist in Residence, LCB Depot Leicester 
XA, Leicester Society of Artists Annual Exhibition, New Walk Museum, Leicester 
Metamorphosis, Solo show, Great Central Gallery, Leicester 
Here is almost there, Art Copenhagen, Forum Copenhagen, DK
What is left behind, Kölner Liste 2015, Cologne, DE 
experimentum, Solo show, Photobastei, Zurich, CH
Ag, Two Queens Gallery, Leicester
Aktion, Photobastei, Zurich, CH 
I See, Research project presentation, Swiss Artistic Research Network unconference, Geneva University of Art and Design, CH 
I See: Artistic Research Process, Research report, Bern University of the Arts, CH 
Once upon a time, Solo Show, Photogarage, Zurich, CH 
Romantik 2.0, Altstadt-Krankenhaus, Magdeburg, DE 
Raumzeit, Solo show, station21, Zurich, CH 
jungkunst, City Halle, Winterthur, CH 
Artist in Residence, Institute of Aesthetics, NYC, U.S. 
What are you hiding behind your mask, Sgt. Dougherty, Bushwick, NYC, U.S.
XA, in journal: derdiedas, Vol. 5, pp. 23-34


AHRC M3C Award 2018-2021
ADM Doctoral Scholarship Award, BCU, 2015-2017
Attenborough Arts Prize, 2015
Scholarship for Studying Abroad, Deakin University, AUS, Stadt Berlin, 2004
Scholarship for Outstanding Students, FHW Berlin, Stadt Berlin, 2000


Interdisciplinary Lecturer in Arts (0.2 fte), LEB Education London, 2014 ongoing
Lecturer on the MA module Toolbox: A la recherche de la recherche, Bern University of the Arts, 2012 -2013
Lecturer at the workshop series: The everyday of an artist, Art Education, Bern University of the Arts, 2011
Leading MA and BA colloquia, Art Education, Bern University of the Arts, 2010 – 2011
Lecturer on the Art Education project “School of the Future”, Institute of Aesthetics, NYC, 06/2010 – 07/2010


University email address: <>

LinkedIn: <>

Twitter: <@artjaeger>

Website: <>

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