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A series of research seminars organized during the academic year 2019-2020 on the theme of "Excavating the Anthropocene". This programme is supported through the IAS Award with an aim of establishing Environmental Humanities as a new field of cross-disciplinary research at Warwick.

This research series engages participants from several fields of humanities to bring critical humanist perspectives to environmental research. The humanities, as a body of disciplines concerned with human culture, bring indispensable critical frameworks to an unfolding crisis born out of class, cultural and species interaction and conflict. In particular, the humanities can offer crucial excavation of assumptions at work inside the Anthropocene, as it develops as a geohistorical and world-ecological rubric, and potentially as a program, for global environmental consciousness.

Denial of ecological urgency can be attributed to resistance from vested interests as well as to challenges inherent to ecological communication, including difficulty conceiving the scale of "Anthropocene". To address these challenges, over the course of each term a series of seminars will treat a different aspect of "Excavating the Anthropocene": "Visualising the Anthropocene" (Term 1), "Sounding the Anthropocene" (Term 2), "Conceptualising the Anthropocene" (Term 3).

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